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TV Listings for VH1 on Sunday (20.10.2019)

06 00-06 45L.A. Hair
Kim makes Gocha project manager, but when she shows up late, all hell breaks loose. Kim styles Erica Campbell. (S4, ep6)

06 45-07 25L.A. Hair
Kim and Jonathan's potential partnership falls apart when Kim finds out about the terms of his business proposal. Kim styles La La Anthony. (S4, ep7)

07 25-08 10L.A. Hair
Kim suspects Jonathan of buying out her bag supply and sends her staff on a secret mission. Kim styles Garcelle Beauvais. (S4, ep8)

08 10-09 10L.A. Hair
Anthony confronts Angela, Kim feels the pressure of a huge business opportunity and a secret is revealed about Gocha. (S4, ep9)

09 10-10 05L.A. Hair
Kim confronts Jonathan, Gocha is questioned about her loyalty, Kim styles K.Michelle, and Leah plans a last minute party for Kim. (S4, ep10)

10 05-10 30The Hills
A wild weekend in Vegas makes Kristin unsure if she has real feelings for Justin. Spencer comes up with a plan to find out if Heidi has stopped taking her birth control pills. (S5, ep19)

10 30-11 05The Hills
Kristin decides she doesn't want to be with Justin. Brody gets cold feet when Jayde wants to move in with him. Spencer worries that Heidi might be pregnant. Last in the series. (S5, ep20)

11 05-11 30The Hills
Heidi's homecoming is ruined when her mother disapproves of her surgery. Kristin and the girls head to Miami for the weekend, but the trip goes sour when Kristin parties too hard. (S6, ep1)

11 30-12 00The Hills
When rumours spread about Kristin's partying, the blame falls on Stephanie. Audrina starts dating a new guy, and Spencer gets upset when he runs into Stephanie at Kristin's party. (S6, ep2)

12 00-12 30The Hills
Heidi throws a party for her neighbour, but it's overshadowed when Spencer gets angry with Holly. Kristin urges Audrina to commit to Ryan, then moves in to get closer to Brody. (S6, ep3)

12 30-13 00The Hills
Heidi and Spencer's actions cause their friends and family to make a hard choice. Kristin and Brody hook up but agree to stay single. Ryan disappoints Audrina when he misses a night out. (S6, ep4)

13 00-13 30The Hills
Brody puts his friendship with Kristin on the line when he starts seeing another girl. Lo sets Stephanie up on a double date. Ryan gives Audrina's friends another chance. (S6, ep5)

13 30-14 00The Hills
Kristin has a hard time moving on from Brody. After bumping in to Justin, Audrina starts to have doubts about her relationship with Ryan. Lo befriends Brody's new girlfriend. (S6, ep6)

14 00-14 30The Hills
Brody's new love interest angers Kristin when she brings Kristin's rival to a party. Ryan comes back from tour, but Audrina doesn't mention that she saw Justin while he was away. (S6, ep7)

14 30-15 00The Hills
Audrina's relationship with Ryan is tested when he meets Justin for the first time, and Brody sides with Kristin when Allie picks a fight with her. Stephanie has a bad second date. (S6, ep8).

15 00-16 00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Kim doesn't make it to her due date and gives birth to her first baby boy. Meanwhile, Cynthia and NeNe take a business trip to New York, where Cynthia gets advice on her new modeling school. (S4, ep6)

16 00-17 00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
When Sheree is served with legal papers, she turns to Phaedra for representation. The two Housewives confidently face Sheree's ex in court, but to their dismay, he has a trick up his sleeve. (S4, ep7)

17 00-18 00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
With her townhouse bursting at the seams, Kim and her newly expanded family move into the mansion of their dreams. Sheree and Phaedra's relationship gets rocky. (S4, ep8)

18 00-19 00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Phaedra's ready to make her family funeral business a reality, but it's going to take some work to convince Apollo that working with the dead isn't as creepy as it sounds. (S4, ep9)

19 00-20 00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Cynthia and Peter join Phaedra and Apollo on a surprising double date. Kroy brings an apprehensive Kim to the gun range to buy her first firearm. (S4, ep10)

20 00-21 00New: The Hills: New Beginnings
Audrina confronts Justin. Brody laments the state of relations with his estranged father, Caitlyn, with his one-time best friend, Spencer. Spencer and Heidi's relationship is tested. (S1, ep4)

21 00-22 00Are You The One?
The house is left reeling after Paige and Chris T are confirmed as a perfect match and sent to the Honeymoon Suite. Kayla loses it when Ryan goes to comfort Jessica. (S1, ep7)

22 00-23 00Are You the One?
The cast is finally fed up with Kayla and confronts her about her manipulation and lies. Ryan re-evaluates his feelings, and Chris S. tries to get in between Jacy and John J. (S1, ep8)

23 00-00 00Are You The One?
At the White Party the house lets loose and has fun, but John must come to terms with Jacy's growing feelings for Scali. A beach side challenge forces couples to get down and sandy. (S1, ep9)

00 00-01 00Are You the One?
The house tries to figure out how to find their perfect match and win the million dollars. Jacy confronts her feelings, as the house tries to solve the last love triangle. (S1, ep10)

01 00-01 45Love & Hip Hop: Miami
Bobby's comments cause a rift with Trina, Scrappy and Shay question each other's loyalty, Prince crashes Michelle Pooch's event, and Malik and Jeffrey come to a crossroads. (S1, ep9)

01 45-02 30Love & Hip Hop: Miami
Trick and Trina host a BBQ, Keyara gives Gunplay an ultimatum, a final face-off between Amara and Veronica forces Young Hollywood and Steph Lecor to choose sides, and Shay seeks answers. (S1, ep10)

02 30-03 15Love & Hip Hop: Miami
The cast reunites as host Nina Parker digs deep for answers on the all the drama. Trina finds herself in the middle of Bobby and Alvin's issues. (S1, ep11)

03 15-04 00Love & Hip Hop: Miami
The reunion continues to heat up as host, Nina Parker, gets to the bottom of Young Hollywood's claims. Prince has problems to deal with when a deleted scene surfaces. (S1, ep12)

04 00-06 00Teleshopping

06 00-06 20Laguna Beach
Kyndra hosts a Valentine's Day dinner party with Tyler to stop the rumours, but tensions flare when Cameron shows up. Rocky takes it to another level with Alex on a romantic night. (S3, ep8)