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TV Listings for NICKELODEON on Tuesday (10.12.2019)

06 00-06 31Henry Danger
When Henry and Ray get a copy of the new Kid Danger & Captain Man cartoon and see that it's horrible, they must hurry to fix the cartoon before the big premiere party. (S4, ep 11)

06 31-07 00Sam & Cat
When their favourite drink is banned, Sam and Cat begin making their own version instead. When they start selling it, the authorities come knocking at their door! (S1, ep 27) Also in HD.

07 00-07 31Victorious
Tori and the gang compete to see who can get the most followers. When they get caught up in the competition, they neglect their schoolwork and their friendships. (S3, ep 27) Also in HD

07 31-08 00Just Add Magic
The girls plan a Father-Daughter camping trip to lead them to Grandma's last stop before she was cursed. Jake tries to get into the Pluot Festival. (S1, ep 11)

08 00-08 31Double Dare
Holiday Game 1: First of four Christmas-themed games from the messiest show on television - it's Double Dare! (S2, ep 17)

08 31-09 00Henry Danger
Space Invaders, Part 2: Captain Man & Kid Danger discover who has taken the astronauts hostage. After realizing the astronauts are not so innocent, their alleigances change. (S3, ep 13) Also in HD.

09 00-09 31Henry Danger
When Miss Shapen's niece comes into town and chooses Jasper over Henry, Henry discovers that she has bigger plans than just going out to dinner with Jasper. (S3, ep 14) Also in HD.

09 31-10 00The Thundermans
When Phoebe learns Max's band plans to dump him, she suspects that his superhero training is hurting his friendships. Determined to help, her good deeds backfire. (S4, ep 8) Also in HD.

10 00-10 31Game Shakers
Babe and Kenzie get complaints from their neighbour, so they bake him a pie. After the pie sends the neighbour to hospital, Dub and Trip must clear the girls' names. (S1, ep 13) Also in HD

10 31-11 00Victorious
When a hot young filmmaker comes to Hollywood Arts, the kids are excited to work on his project. But when the film is released, the kids want revenge. (S1, ep 9) Also in HD.

11 00-11 31Sam & Cat
Jennette, Ariana, Cameron, Maree and Zoran are on their lunch break from filming Sam & Cat and have an hour before they're due back, but are interrupted by fans. (S1, ep 28) Also in HD

11 31-12 00Sam & Cat
When Sam and Cat accidentally knock out musician Del DeVille, things quickly escalate as they try to avoid getting in trouble. (S1, ep 35) Also in HD.

12 00-12 31Victorious
As a gift for Trina, Tori tries to win a contest where the prize is a private performance by Ke$ha. (S2, ep 10) Also in HD.

12 31-13 00Victorious
The kids have one day to build a float for the parade. When it breaks down in a bad neighbourhood, can they recover and save their chance to be on TV? (S2, ep 12) Also in HD.

13 00-13 31Henry Danger
When Kid Danger publicly breaks his arm, Henry and the gang have to find a way to keep his secret safe. (S5, ep 10)

13 31-14 00Game Shakers
After an online story snubs Kenzie, she and Babe get in a fight. Kenzie takes a job as a waitress at a coffee shop and Babe tries to get her back. (S2, ep 9) Also in HD.

14 00-14 31The Thundermans
Frustrated by rules, Phoebe and Max make Hank and Barb act like teenagers. But now Phoebe and Max have the responsibility of being the parents! (S2, ep 6) Also in HD.

14 31-15 00The Thundermans
Back in elementary school to complete a hero assessment, Phoebe & Max realize that it won't be easy when the instructor is a former classmate that Max tormented. (S3, ep 20) Also in HD

15 00-15 31Henry Danger
When Ray hears that Piper is going to Junior Anger Management to work on her anger issues, he bets Henry that he can make her lose her temper before the night ends. (S3, ep 9) Also in HD.

15 31-16 00Henry Danger
After Schwoz creates a disease that accidentally effects Charlotte, Henry, his family, and even Ray, he quarantines them in Henry's house in order to find a cure. (S3, ep 10) Also in HD

16 00-16 31Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
Welcome to Quaddy-Wood - Part 1: The Quads win the family an all-expenses paid vacation to Hollywood, but soon find themselves caught up in a case of mistaken identity. (S2, ep 13) Also in HD.

16 31-17 00Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
Welcome to Quaddy-Wood - Part 2: A case of mistaken identity leads to an outrageous adventure that turns out to be the best vacation ever. (S2, ep 14) Also in HD.

17 00-17 31Just Add Magic
After Buddy wreaks havoc while Kelly is babysitting him and Ms. Silvers catches Hannah snooping, the girls try to rewind their day and set things right. (S1, ep 9)

17 31-18 00Double Dare
Holiday Game 1: First of four Christmas-themed games from the messiest show on television - it's Double Dare! (S2, ep 17)

18 00-18 31Henry Danger
While trying to celebrate his birthday, Henry keeps getting interrupted by crimes going on in Swellview. (S5, ep 3)

18 31-19 00The Thundermans
The Thunder boys decide to survive 24 hours in the wilderness, while the girls try to bond over some of Barb's favourite farm activities from her childhood. (S4, ep 24) Also in HD.

19 00-19 31Find Me in Paris
With Victor's help, Lena and Thea break out of the Bureau and escape through a portal door and right back into the Garnier. (S2, ep 14)

19 31-20 00iCarly
iStart A Fan War - Part 1: iCarly gets invited to WebiCon, but when the fans start asking personal questions, things get out of hand. Spencer does battle with a costumed nemesis. (S3, ep 8) Also in HD

20 00-20 31iCarly
iStart A Fan War - Part 2: iCarly gets invited to WebiCon, but when the fans start asking personal questions, things get out of hand. Spencer does battle with a costumed nemesis. (S3, ep 9) Also in HD

20 31-21 00Just Add Magic
After Buddy wreaks havoc while Kelly is babysitting him and Ms. Silvers catches Hannah snooping, the girls try to rewind their day and set things right. (S1, ep 9)

21 00-21 31Victorious
Tori notices changes in her friend Andre, whose girlfriend is overbearing and controlling. Jade and Cat try to earn money dog-sitting in Beverly Hills. (S3, ep 4) Also in HD.

21 31-22 00Victorious
When Cat's favourite actress dies, she talks Tori and Jade into driving to the actress' house to hold a vigil. Also, Trina directs a play starring herself. (S3, ep 5) Also in HD.

22 00-22 31Victorious
Tori and Jade play a married couple putting their acting and friendship to the test. Cat and Robbie start a service to deliver bad news in a nice way. (S3, ep 6) Also in HD.

22 31-23 00Victorious
In an effort to take more risks as an actress, Tori goes to an underground spot called The Gorilla Club. Andre and Robbie lose a very interesting bet to Jade. (S3, ep 7) Also in HD.

23 00-23 31Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat are charged with getting a babysitting client to give up her "Poober" - her ratty old stuffed animal. This proves more difficult than it first appears. (S1, ep 18) Also in HD.

23 31-00 00Sam & Cat
Peezy B: Sam gets a job as the assistant to the rap star Peezy B. Meanwhile, Cat finds babysitting much more challenging without Sam around to help. Guest starring Kel Mitchell. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD

00 00-00 30The Thundermans
Billy helps with Phoebe's art project, to find that he took the piece from a museum. Now they must work with Max to sneak in and return it before anyone notices. (S2, ep 4) Also in HD.

00 30-01 00The Thundermans
Max takes on a group of freshmen to be his minions, but when they turn the tables on him, he must work out how to regain his place as the baddest boy in school. (S2, ep 5) Also in HD.

01 00-01 25Henry Danger
Captain Man attempts to boost his image by holding a contest where three winners get a tour of his secret lair. But Henry's friends are among the winners! (S1, ep 22) Also in HD.

01 25-01 50Henry Danger
Henry and Charlotte want to tell Jasper that Henry is really Kid Danger. They decide to give Jasper a test secret to prove he's ready. (S1, ep 23) Also in HD.

01 50-02 15Renford Rejects
Mia makes a statue of Renford Comprehensive's most famous old boy, Ian Rush, but leaving Eddie in charge of getting the statue to the unveiling is a big mistake. (S3, ep 10)

02 15-02 40Renford Rejects
The Rejects start their own cable TV station. Jason decides that he is the creative genius behind the station, so it ends up being more like Jason TV than Reject TV. (S3, ep 11)

02 40-03 05Winx Club
The Winx and the Specialists have a big surprise for Tecna and Timmy - a face to face date. Mishaps and miscommunications ensue, which only bring them closer. (Series 5, episode 21) Also in HD.

03 05-03 30Winx Club
With Tritannus threatening, the Sovereign Council must protect the Magic Dimension. King Cryon of Zenith decides to make use of an army of robot droids. (Series 5, episode 22) Also in HD.

03 30-04 00House of Anubis
Jerome, Joy, Patricia and Alfie start acting very strangely. Jerome thinks he's been picked for a talent contest. KT wants answers and goes to the Gatehouse. (S3, ep23) Also in HD

04 00-04 30House of Anubis
The Sibunas make a discovery. Jerome is humiliated during the "singing competition". Victor visits the Gatehouse and is captured by Frobisher as his first sinner. (S3, ep24) Also in HD

04 30-05 00Henry Danger
Jasper's summer camp girlfriend comes to town and stays with Charlotte. She quickly becomes jealous, thinking Charlottedis in love with Jasper. (S1, ep 26) Also in HD.

05 00-05 15SpongeBob SquarePants
For all the years SpongeBob has been working at the Krusty Krab, he has never taken a holiday! About to be shut down for unfair employment practices, Mr Krabs makes sure that changes.

05 15-05 30SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob finds an old powdered wig in the trash and wears it around town thinking it is the height of all things cool. The townspeople laugh at him, which makes him think it's even cooler.

05 30-05 45SpongeBob SquarePants
When Squidward swallows his clarinet reed, Sandy offers to retrieve the piece by shrinking herself and a mini sub down to microscopic proportions and travelling into Squid's body.

05 45-06 00SpongeBob SquarePants
When Patrick mistakenly thinks he has to get out of town, SpongeBob helps to disguise his friend - so Patrick becomes Patricia, the prettiest new waitress at the Krusty Krab.

06 00-06 31Henry Danger
Charlotte's birthday road trip to see the Boo Man Group perform gets sidetracked by a Captain Man and Kid Danger emergency. (S4, ep 12)