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TV Listings for CHANNEL 4 HD on Saturday (11.07.2020)

05 55-06 05Kirstie's Vintage Gems
Kirstie Allsopp demonstrates how to make a personalised vintage doormat and cute coasters using spray paint, old tiles and serviettes.

06 05-06 30Everybody Loves Raymond
At Frank and Marie's anniversary party, Ray feels guilty that his parents split up for a year and only got back together after Ray fell off his bike.

06 30-06 55Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra convinces Ray to give working from home a try, but things don't turn out as she had planned.

06 55-07 20Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray's competitive side emerges when Debra invites him to help her write some children's books for Ally.

07 20-07 40The Big Bang Theory
Leonard confronts the man who bullied him in high school, while Penny realises that she did her fair share of tormenting in the past. (S5 Ep11/24)

07 40-08 05The Big Bang Theory
When Sheldon is dismissive of Amy's career, Penny, Raj and Leonard teach him that sometimes it's a good idea to pretend to care about things. (S5 Ep12/24)

08 05-08 30The Big Bang Theory
Leonard thinks his dating problems are due to a lack of confidence and vows to be self-assured around attractive females. Howard is called by the FBI. (S4 Ep7/24)

08 30-09 00The Big Bang Theory
Amy finds that she has romantic feelings for Zack, while Raj and Howard compete to prove who would make the better superhero. (S4 Ep10/24)

09 00-09 25The Simpsons
The Simpsons are embarrassed when Lisa's candid home movie about the family is entered into the Sundance Film Festival.

09 25-09 55The Simpsons
Homer develops an amazing singing voice after falling into a grave at a stranger's funeral. He becomes an opera singer but some of his fans like him too much...

09 55-10 25The Simpsons
Marge worries that Maggie is getting too clingy and enlists the help of a counsellor. But Maggie ends up very independent... Meanwhile, Homer buys a tow truck.

10 25-10 55The Simpsons
Bart and Lisa save a cow from the slaughterhouse and give it to Mary, a farm girl. Unfortunately, her father thinks that the cow is a token of marriage...

10 55-11 25The Simpsons
Dial 'N' for Nerder: When Homer goes on a diet, a suspicious Marge hires the creator of a reality programme that specialises in catching out cheating partners to keep an eye on him.

11 25-11 50The Simpsons
The Simpsons take in Springfield's biggest tax evader, Lurleen Lumpkin, who's on the run from the police.

11 50-12 50Couples Come Dine with Me
In Manchester, quirky couple Sophie and Lucas aim to prove that looks can be deceiving. Love is in the air on Ruth and Martin's night. And is Ryan and Warren's Mexican feast too spicy?

12 50-13 25Four in a Bed
The first visit is to Acqua Beach in Weymouth, where hosts Charlotte and Lucy hope their quirky decor will impress. But guest Derek upsets Charlotte with his comments on her design choices.

13 25-13 55Four in a Bed
The second visit is to Langmead Guest House in Ramsgate, where owners Derek and Lynne Love are all about keeping it simple. But Charlotte and Lucy are horrified to find moths in the bed.

13 55-14 25Four in a Bed
Adam and Susan host at their unconventional B&B, The Big Green Bus, in Lewes, where their guests are shocked to discover that they'll be spending the night on a converted double-decker.

14 25-14 55Four in a Bed
The last visit is to The Pheasant in Brill in Buckinghamshire, where fur flies as host and chef Stephen Orr reveals that he hasn't been entirely honest with his guests.

14 55-15 25Four in a Bed
On the final day of the competition, tensions mount and grievances are aired before the winner is revealed. Can Stephen explain his motives?

15 25-15 55Celebrity Snoop Dogs
The celeb property show with a unique film crew: the celebs' pampered pooches. A pug and a Maltese with big personalities show us their homes. Is it a case of 'like owner, like dog'? (Ep3)

15 55-16 55A Place in the Sun
Outdoor enthusiasts Andy and Jacqui are looking for a Spanish holiday home within walking distance of the beach, on a budget of £75,000. Jean Johansson lines up five impressive options.

16 55-18 00Grand Designs
In Devon, Mark and Candida are building a timber frame, timber-clad house in the shape of a plough, with a huge, complex, curvy roof, and also a working barn, made of steel and Devon cob.

18 00-18 30Channel 4 News
Channel 4's flagship news programme. Including the weather.

18 30-20 00F1 Styrian GP Qualifying...
The drivers take to the Red Bull Ring just six days since they last drove the track. This level of familiarity should make for some high-quality racing. Steve Jones presents.

20 00-21 00How to Build British: Aston Martin
Aston Martin open their factory doors in this access-all-areas look at the building of a £237k DBS Superleggera, to see how a 211mph supercar is actually made.

21 00-22 50Mechanic: Resurrection
Action-thriller sequel starring Jason Statham, Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh. An assassin is 'offered' three new jobs he cannot refuse. Strong language and violence throughout.

22 50-00 30Commando
Violent thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. To free his kidnapped daughter, a US ex-commando must agree to assassinate a South American president. Very strong language.

00 30-01 20Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Gordon Ramsay visits Lido Di Manhattan in California. Ambitious business graduate Lisa bought the restaurant at just 23 but, five years later, she's worried she picked the wrong venture...

01 20-02 15Hollyoaks Omnibus
Tony wants a second doctor's opinion. Sid tries to recruit Charlie to sell drugs. A grieving Nancy makes a decision about Kyle's funeral and Darren opens up about his own suicidal thoughts. [SL]

02 15-03 10The Supervet
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick helps a bichon frise with chronic elbow pain, a Labrador who's unable to stand, and a Leonberger with a bone tumour. (S9 Ep8/11)

03 10-04 05Animal Airport
Apprentice Hayley has her hands full with a shipment of racehorses. Deputy manager Ross inspects 50 feisty falcons. And the centre's resident reptiles get checked over. (S1 Ep7)

04 05-05 00Animal Rescue School
The trainee inspectors are halfway through their year. Nat helps two pigeons, Debs rescues meerkats, Jess helps a dog find a new family, and the trainees get a lesson in euthanasia. (Ep3) [SL]

05 00-06 00Grand Designs Australia
Tony and Tania want to create a million-dollar house on a $400,000 budget. Working off handshake deals with the architect and builder, will their dream home become a reality? (S8 Ep4)

06 00-06 25Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray buys his dad an expensive aquarium, just like the one in the Chinese restaurant, for his 65th birthday. At first Frank loves it, but then one fish dies.