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TV Listings for ITV3 on Friday (10.07.2020)

06 00-06 30Classic Coronation Street
Rita encourages Fiona to try and raise the money to buy the Salon. Steve and Vicky do their best to impress Stephen. Ken is pleased to hear that Denise is moving out of the area.

06 30-07 00Classic Coronation Street
Steve is annoyed to discover Mike has won the contract. Jim is furious to find his savings gone. Stephen is taken aback when Alma makes a pass at him in his hotel room.

07 00-07 35Classic Emmerdale
Zoe finds that Melanie has stayed the night with Susie. Mandy's cousin Marlon makes a surprise arrival in the village. Frank asks Zoe to be one of James's godparents.

07 35-08 05Classic Emmerdale
Zak turns up at the quarry ready to look for buried treasure. Zoe tells Linda she's made a fool of herself over Susie. Frank forces Kim to go to the blessing.

08 05-09 05Heartbeat
Nostalgic police drama series set in a Yorkshire village in the 1960s. Mike is horrified when Tricia gets involved with a racehorse trainer. S12 Ep10

09 05-09 35Bless This House
Sid hopes to win a cash prize in a songwriting competition, but he's not exactly in the same league as Lennon and McCartney. S5 Ep1

09 35-10 05Bless This House
Classic 70s sitcom. Jean tries to prevent Sid from going fishing when a gypsy warns her someone in her family will be involved in an accident involving water. S5 Ep2

10 05-10 40That's My Boy
Classic 80s sitcom. Ida agrees to take part in a 'wakeathon' to raise money for a charity, but getting a long sleep beforehand proves harder than she thought. S2 Ep2

10 40-12 40Midsomer Murders
Murder mystery drama. Sergeant Dan Scott arrives to work with Barnaby and is thrown straight into a murder investigation in Midsomer Mallow. S7 Ep2

12 40-13 45Heartbeat
Mike has an altercation with an underage drinker in the pub. The boy hits him, but is let off by the magistrate - who turns out to be his father. S12 Ep11

13 45-14 50Classic Emmerdale
Dave bursts into the church and causes a scene at the blessing. The protest at the quarry gets out of hand. Rachel accuses Chris of betraying her and swears to leave him.

14 50-15 20Classic Coronation Street
Alma apologises to Stephen but makes it clear she meant the pass. Roy lends Vera books on ghosts and haunted houses. Andy takes out a student loan to pay Liz back the 50 pounds.

15 20-15 55Classic Coronation Street
The Gazette sends a reporter round to interview the Duckworths. Liz feels that she and Jim need a break so books for them to visit his mother.

15 55-17 55Midsomer Murders
Long-suppressed family secrets, stolen ancient artefacts, and a 30-year-old death at a Celtic burial site result in a series of murders in Midsomer. S7 Ep3

17 55-18 55Heartbeat
Mike has an altercation with an underage drinker in the pub. The boy hits him, but is let off by the magistrate - who turns out to be his father. S12 Ep11

18 55-20 00Downton Abbey
Period drama. Following last week's altercation, relations between Robert and Cora are strained. Edith receives some terrible news and decides to take drastic action. S5 Ep6

20 00-21 00Doc Martin
Martin disagrees with the holistic approach advocated by the village midwife and is incensed when her advice to Louisa backfires. Bert is smitten with the new cook. S4 Ep6

21 00-22 00Doc Martin
Rumours are rife about Martin's plans to leave Portwenn and take up a surgeon's job in London so an insecure Pauline confronts him about her future. S4 Ep7

22 00-00 05Lewis
When Lewis and Hathaway investigate a murder in town, forensic evidence leads them to suspect there is a connection with the reforming of an old rock band. S3 Ep4

00 05-02 05A Touch of Frost
Police drama series. Frost investigates the disappearance of a local environmental health officer, and faces domestic problems with the arrival of a new lodger. S6 Ep2

02 05-03 20Agatha Christie's Poirot
The Belgian supersleuth goes on a Mediterranean cruise for a well-earned rest, but the obnoxious and highly unpopular Mrs Claperton is also on board... S1 Ep7

03 20-03 30ITV3 Nightscreen
Text-based information service. Ep11

03 30-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

06 00-06 30That's My Boy
Classic 80s sitcom starring Mollie Sugden. Ida is tasked with looking after her brother's grandchild, but does she know what she's letting herself in for? S1 Ep4