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TV Listings for DISNEY on Sunday (24.11.2019)

06 00-06 29Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Juleka becomes Reflekta again. This time, the supervillain is not alone. Marinette and Adrien are having trouble with their Miraculouses. Can they stop Reflekta? S3 E5

06 29-07 00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Sabrina gets akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now Miraculer, she can steal powers from superheroes and is determined to show Chloe she is as worthy of her interest as Ladybug. S3 E9

07 00-07 29Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Ladybug and her team must face another akumatized guitarist named Desperada. Rock 'n' Roll Day planned for our heroes. S3 E63

07 29-09 34Descendants 2
The story of the teenage sons and daughters of Disney's greatest villains continues in this contemporary, music-driven, imaginative sequel to the global smash hit original movie.

09 34-10 03Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Students Marinette and Adrien transform into superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, to save Paris by capturing evil creatures, Akumas, which transform people into villains. S3 E24

10 03-10 32Just Roll With It
With his high school reunion approaching, Gator worries about impressing his former classmates, so he enlists the help of the Bennett-Blatts to pose as his family. S1 E17

10 32-11 00Liv and Maddie
Before Diggie leaves for Australia, he needs to find Maddie and tell her how he feels about her. S2 E24

11 00-11 32Liv and Maddie
Continuing from the cliffhanger at the end of season two, it's time to find out if Maddie managed to catch Diggie before he left for Australia. S3 E1

11 32-12 00Bunk'd
Gwen befriends some campers called the Extreme Team, known for their gutsy outdoor activities. They invite Gwen to hike to Dead Horse Drop. S4 E9

12 00-12 32Bunk'd
Gwen warns everyone that her dream effigy doll, Cuddles, can cause nightmares. The others laugh, but it doesn't take long to realize Cuddles' true power. S4 E10

12 32-13 00Jessie
Glue Dunnit - A Sticky Situation: When Luke and Ravi get into a sticky situation and Mrs Chesterfield's hands get stuck to her head, Jessie is determined to find the culprit. S1 E18

13 00-13 32Gabby Duran & The Unsittables
When Dina hires Susie Dustman, a self-proclaimed super-sitter, to watch Olivia, Gabby's jealousy drives her to compete with Susie for her sister's affection. S1 E4

13 32-14 00Raven's Home
Creepin' It Real: At Halloween, the new neighbour charms Chelsea, but gives the kids creepy vibes. S3 E14

14 00-14 32Just Roll With It
Owen lets Blair borrow Byron's autographed sneakers to impress the kids at school. When the shoes get ruined, the kids go to great lengths to secure a new pair. S1 E5

14 32-15 00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
When Marinette makes a serious mistake, she has to face the consequences by fighting the last person she ever imagined would get akumatized. S3 E22

15 00-15 32K.C. Undercover
In Too Deep - Part Two: While undercover at The Volunteers organisation, K.C. is asked to undertake a mission that pits her against her family. S2 E15

15 32-16 00K.C. Undercover
Sup, Dawg? When K.C. has to catch a ring of criminals smuggling fireworks, she reluctantly has to take on a new partner, canine spy Dexter. S2 E16

16 00-16 32Liv and Maddie
Casting is under way for Liv's co-star in Voltage. Some familiar faces show up for the auditions. Karen arranges a ceremony to help Maddie let go of some pent up feelings. S3 E5

16 32-17 00Liv and Maddie
Willow gets a scholarship Maddie wanted, and they fight. Joey accidentally breaks Liv's toe and tries to make things better, but ends up making it even worse. S3 E7

17 00-17 32Good Luck Charlie
Amy's trying to potty train Charlie before an interview with an exclusive pre-school. But Charlie flushes her toys down the toilet, leaving the house without water and power. S2 E1

17 32-18 00Good Luck Charlie
The Duncans celebrate Charlie's second birthday in jail after a series of mishaps involving a Gurgles concert and a stolen miniature horse find them all temporarily incarcerated. S2 E2

18 00-18 32Raven's Home
Nia and Tess square off in a competition with Raven and Chelsea to see who can go without technology the longest, S3 E8

18 32-19 00Raven's Home
A new rival arrives to get between Booker and Danni. Meanwhile, Raven frets about attracting new investors for Ravenous S3 E11

19 00-19 32Jessie
Zombie Tea Party 5: Luke needs a new member of his paintball team at short notice. He enlists a terrified Ravi, but when Luke's team is losing badly, it's up to Jessie to save the day. S1 E4

19 32-20 00Jessie
Luke sees Jessie busking in Central Park. He decides he wants to play with her. A record producer offers to make a demo and video for them for money. Is it a scam? S1 E5

20 00-20 32Stuck In The Middle
Harley needs to visit an inventor's contest in Boston. Dad is away and Mum's busy with the other kids. Rachel's her last chance but doesn't have her licence. S1 E15

20 32-21 00Stuck In The Middle
Harley convinces Georgie to go all out for her 15th birthday, but she has ulterior motives. The whole family chips in to give Georgie her last minute party. S1 E16

21 00-21 32Coop & Cami Ask The World
Would You Wrather Help a Wrather? Cooper struggles to complete WYW challenges without Cami, now that she has quit to focus on dance full time. S1 E21

21 32-22 00Coop & Cami Ask The World
Would You Wrather Take Your Mom to the School Dance? Cooper and Cami learn their mom wants to start dating again and her first date is with none other than their school's principal. S1 E1

22 00-22 31Disney The Lodge
With the clock ticking Skye and her friends attempt to complete the mystery while Noah has a surprise for Kaylee and Alex confronts her past. S2 E15

22 31-23 00Disney The Lodge
Teenager Skye heads for the family's summer lodge for the first time in ages. Horrified to learn her father is planning to sell it she is determined to stop the sale. S1 E1

23 00-23 29Penny On M.A.R.S
Penny gives Seb proof about the identity of the thief of the song Nobody's Perfect. S2 E5

23 29-23 57Penny On M.A.R.S
At the press conference Mitch and Bakia meet, but Mitch can't believe that she didn't really know anything about Freddy's past actions. S2 E6

23 57-00 23The Evermoor Chronicles
After the loss of Bridget, and Cameron's traumatic return, Tara is ready to turn her back on magic. She just wants to be normal S1 E13

00 23-00 48The Evermoor Chronicles
Tara's wristwatch gets covered in magic thread and can now turn back time! That's useful when a humiliating poem Bella has written goes public S1 E14

00 48-01 12Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug...
...Cat Noir: Prime Queen: Nadia Chamack is akumatized into Prime Queen. Can she force Ladybug and Cat Noir to admit they're in love on live TV to make the ratings skyrocket? S2 E2

01 12-01 36Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug...
Ice-cream maker Andre is akumatized by Hawk Moth. As Glaciator he turns people into ice cream, which starts to melt! S2 E3

01 36-01 59Disney The Lodge
With the lodge under serious threat from Gil, Skye decides to make a stand and Alex and Danielle both return, having unfinished business. S2 E7

01 59-02 22Disney The Lodge
Ben and Noah try and distract Sean from his problems, Kaylee focuses on her music and Skye is forced to team up with Alex and Danielle. S2 E8

02 22-02 46Penny On M.A.R.S
Tosca assigns a difficult Bakia song to Penny. Looking for her mother's help, she comes back home and discovers Bakia's just left. S1 E6

02 46-03 33Violetta
Tomas follows Violetta home, trying to explain to her that he and Ludmila are not an item. He thinks she's the daughter of Herman's maid, and she doesn't tell him otherwise. S1 E5

03 33-03 56Sadie Sparks
Coach gets a hiking group lost.Gilbert's annual review gets disrupted when he has to look after an excited rabbit called Lollipop. S1 E8

03 56-04 20Best Bugs Forever
Don't Bug Me/Star Struck Three bug friends make their way in a great new city. S1 E9

04 20-04 43Go Away Unicorn! S1
Ready, Set, Go Away, Unicorn!/ Can't Touch This, Unicorn! Unicorn helps Alice and Mom audition for a reality show. Alice and Dad enter a father/daughter model building competition. S1 E12

04 43-05 09101 Dalmatian Street
Dolly turns the house into a frozen wonderland. Time for fun in the snow, but preparing the family is hard. S1 E4

05 09-05 32Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug...
Alya's sister Nora gets akumatized into Anansi, a giant spider woman. She wants to show Alya how dangerous Paris can be. S2 E21

05 32-06 00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug...
When Chloe threatens to leave Paris, Mr. Bourgeois gets akumatized into Maledikator. Invested with absolute power, he wants to make his daughter's dreams come true so that she stays with

06 00-06 28Liv and Maddie
Liv and Maddie get into a big disagreement while trying to figure out if they'll be together for the next four years or be going their separate ways. S3 E20