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4 Music


TV Listings for 4 MUSIC on Sunday (23.08.2020)

03 00-07 00Teleshopping

07 00-08 00The Sunday Summer Hitlist
We've got the hottest summer soundtrack to your Sunday fun-day!

08 00-09 00Everybody Wants Summer
This summer, we want to know which big tunes you've been rinsing on repeat from your homes, so consider the power of the playlist in your hands!

09 00-09 5010 Hottest Tracks Right Now
Tune in for your daily dose of the 10 hottest chart hits around!

09 50-09 554Music's Latest Vids
We're bringing you the newest and best videos right now to see you through the night!

09 55-10 00VOTW: Miley Cyrus
Check out The Box Plus Network's Video Of The Week! This is 'Midnight Sky', the brand new video from Miley Cyrus.

10 00-11 00The Showdown: Dua Vs Anne-Marie
Two of pop music's biggest stars Dua Lipa & Anne-Marie go head to head in a showdown of their biggest hits! Will you be singing along with Dua, or Anne-Marie?

11 00-12 50Song Of The Summer
Join Lucy Jones as she counts down the definitive summertime playlist of 2020, crowning the ultimate sunshine anthem as our Song Of The Summer!

12 50-13 00JP Saxe: Fresh From Home
This way for brand new music! With our studios shut, this month we're heading directly to the home of Canadian singer-songwriter, JP Saxe for a must-see live session.

13 00-14 30UK Music Video Chart Top 20
We've teamed up with YouTube to compile a chart of the most watched videos that's packed with future hits and all the biggest tracks around!

14 30-15 00Hotmix
Exclusive non-stop mix of the hottest tracks to soundtrack your life!

15 00-15 30Malcolm in the Middle
While Lois goes on jury duty, Hal tries to solve the murder case he thinks she's assigned to. (S3, ep20)

15 30-16 00Malcolm in the Middle
To their horror, Malcolm and the Krelboynes are forced to join the regular student body. And Hal itches to knock down Dewey's elaborate domino set-up. (S3, ep21)

16 00-16 30Malcolm in the Middle
Craig's new helper monkey turns vicious; Reese tries to control the neighborhood after successfully subduing a prowler; Francis' wife and best friend hate each other. (S3, ep22)

16 30-17 00Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm is depressed, and the family goes to the zoo. Reese battles a goat, while Malcolm and Dewey end up in a tiger pit. (S4, ep1)

17 00-17 30Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm suffers humiliation during his first week as a freshman; Dewey loves his first week as a latchkey kid; Francis discovers the trials of working for a too-permissive boss. (S4, ep2)

17 30-18 00Malcolm in the Middle
When Lois is repeatedly insulted at Hal's family reunion, the boys plot revenge and Hal is prompted to finally stand up to his avoidant father. (S4, ep3)

18 00-18 30Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm tries to "dumb down" to attract a cute, non-intellectual girl; Hal rents a steamroller and becomes addicted to crushing things. (S4, ep4)

18 30-19 00Malcolm in the Middle
As Malcolm and Reese fight a battle of revenge, they flash back to the chain of events that led to the war; Dewey prepares for a school play; Francis and Otto fear a Devil Cow. (S4, ep5)

19 00-19 30Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm dates a girl whose father hates him; Hal and Lois are more productive when they can't have sex; Dewey discovers he's an "evil twin"; Francis mediates a dispute... (S4, ep6)

19 30-20 00Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm tries not speaking his mind; Hal takes up race-walking; Reese goes on a date with his girlfriend... and Craig. (S4, ep7)

20 00-21 00Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
Things get complicated for Zoey at Simon's engagement party. Maggie has a night out alone, but it doesn't go as planned. (Ep6/12)

21 00-21 30The IT Crowd
Jen has a new admirer but his romantic gesture goes badly wrong when Jen's inability to tell the truth results in a public humiliation. Moss and Roy conduct an experiment. (S1 Ep3/6)

21 30-22 00The IT Crowd
What is behind the mysterious red door in the IT department? What has happened to Moss's new mug? And why is Roy in danger of becoming known as a 'desk rabbit'? (S1 Ep4/6)

22 00-22 30Community
The end of the year at Greendale finds Jeff at the apex of a romantic triangle, Annie pondering an offer to move away with her boyfriend, Troy looking for a new place to live. (S1, ep25)

22 30-23 00Community
Jeff is stunned to discover that his rejection of Britta has made her a star on campus. Chang begins his life as a student by seeking acceptance by the study group. (S2, ep1)

23 00-23 30Community
When an old friend from Jeff's past appears unexpectedly, his friends discover that he was the one responsible for Jeff's disbarment. (S2, ep2)

23 30-00 00Community
As the death of his mom provokes a fierce debate about Pierce's beliefs, Britta and Annie are at odds over their respective tactics for a Gulf oil spill fund-raising drive. (S2, ep3)

00 00-01 00Body Fixers
Danny's under pressure to tame wild man Adam. Dr Esho gets out his big lasers for Adele's scarred legs. And twin sisters aim to look different for the first time. (S2 Ep5)

01 00-02 00Body Fixers
Rebecca needs repair to her shredded ear. Dr Esho helps with Simon's deep forehead crease. Daniel gives alopecia-sufferer Georgia the hair she's always wanted. (S2 Ep6)

02 00-03 00Celebrity Coach Trip: The Finale
It's the final day of the tour. In Barcelona, Brendan rounds things off in style with a no-expense-spared boat party, and one couple are declared champions. (S3 Ep15/15)

03 00-07 00Teleshopping