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TV Listings for SKY ONE on Sunday (23.08.2020)

06 00-07 00The Hour Of Power
Tune in for an inspirational boost of positive thinking in this colourful religious broadcast. Also in HD

07 00-07 30Animal House
Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate their days to the care and protection of the region's animals. (S3, ep 1)

07 30-08 00Animal House
Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate their days to the care and protection of the region's animals. (S3, ep 2)

08 00-08 30Animal House
Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate their days to the care and protection of the region's animals. (S3, ep 3)

08 30-09 00Animal House
Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate their days to the care and protection of the region's animals. (S3, ep 4)

09 00-09 30Modern Family
There's tricks, treats and some big and rather unexpected news as the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tuckers go all out for Halloween. (S10, ep 5) Also in HD

09 30-10 00Modern Family
Phil turns on the charm to stop a student from quitting his class. But things get seriously awkward when Luke invites her for dinner. (S10, ep 6) Also in HD

10 00-10 30Modern Family
Things get cringe when Alex goes up for a top government job and the family has to be interviewed. Also, Cam gets a chicken. (S10, ep 7) Also in HD

10 30-11 00Modern Family
Haley's in need of advice and turns to Claire for help. Mitch runs into Phil's nemesis Gil, and Jay and Cam get a lesson from Manny and Phil. (S10, ep 8) Also in HD

11 00-12 00MacGyver
Windmill + Acetone + Celluloid + Firing Pin: MacGyver discovers that an unexploded bomb from World War II is hidden under a collapsed building. (S4, ep 4) Also in HD

12 00-13 00S.W.A.T.
When the team targets a drug cartel, Deacon's family gets caught in the crosshairs. Elsewhere, Hondo receives worrying news. (S3, ep 4) Also in HD

13 00-14 00Hawaii Five-0
Ka Makau Kaa Kaua (Sweet Science): Five-O point the finger at an outspoken champion boxer from the mainland, when the brother of a promising local ringster is murdered. (S6, ep 10) Also in HD

14 00-15 00Hawaii Five-0
Kuleana (One's Personal Sense of Responsibility): Kamekona's dark past comes back to haunt him. McGarrett and Danny work on their partnership issues. (S6, ep 11) Also in HD

15 00-16 00Hawaii Five-0
Ua ola loko i ke aloha (Love Gives Life Within): Five-0 spring into action when unstable WWII bombs are stolen. McGarrett's Aunt Deb pays a visit. (S6, ep 12) Also in HD

16 00-16 30The Simpsons
Lisa makes it her mission to set Springfield's most vicious animals free. Homer gets a shock when his dream of owning a boat comes true. (S31, ep 5) Also in HD

16 30-17 00The Simpsons
Worried that everyone thinks she's boring, Marge takes up lumber-jacking, But when her talent takes her to Portland, Homer isn't happy. (S31, ep 6) Also in HD

17 00-17 30The Simpsons
The Simpsons join other Springfield families on the Van Houtens' annual trip to Costa Rica, which they obviously can't afford. (S31, ep 7) Also in HD

17 30-18 00The Simpsons
A faithless Flanders gets sent to live with Homer. Can a spell with the Simpsons scare him back into God's arms? (S31, ep 9) Also in HD

18 00-18 30The Simpsons
Things get awkward when Artie Ziff's bride-to-be proves to look just like Marge. Lisa gets more than she bargained for from her new braces. (S31, ep 11) Also in HD

18 30-19 00The Simpsons
The sea captain finds the treasure he's spent his life searching for. And Marge has big plans for how to spend it. (S31, ep 12) Also in HD

19 00-19 30The Simpsons
Homer and Marge vie to be the subject of Lisa's 'Most Interesting Person I Know' essay, but instead she chooses Professor Frink. With Jim Parsons. (S31, ep 13) Also in HD

19 30-20 00The Simpsons
New & Exclusive. Bart The Bad Guy: Bart accidentally sees a new superhero film before its release, and realises he can use his plot-spoiling powers for his own ends. (S31, ep 14) Also in HD

20 00-21 00New: MacGyver
New & Exclusive. Soccer + Desi +

21 00-22 00New: S.W.A.T.
New & Exclusive. The LBC: Street reconnects with his estranged foster brother Nate to help a joint investigation. Plus, Hondo finds himself at odds with his father. (S3, ep 5) Also in HD

22 00-23 05Condor 2
New & Exclusive. An Offer of Enrollment: As Joe continues to follow the evidence, he makes a startling discovery that could change everything. (S2, ep 6) Also in HD

23 05-00 00Hawaii Five-0
New & Exclusive. He 'oi'o kuhihewa; he kaka ola i 'ike 'ia e ka makaula: A Halloween home invasion turns deadly. Max returns to Oahu with a special guest. (S10, ep 5) Also in HD

00 00-01 00NCIS: Los Angeles
The hunt is on for a $40million painting after the team hear word that it's been stolen and sold to fund terrorist activity. (S11, ep 5) Also in HD

01 00-02 00The Blacklist
New & Exclusive. Roy Cain: The Task Force investigates a kidnapping pulled off by seemingly impossible abductors. Meanwhile, Dembe ends up in a dangerous situation. (S7, ep 18) Also in HD

02 00-03 00The Force: North East
The chase is on as officers pursue two car thieves in a stolen vehicle. In Sunderland, two women are caught fighting in the street. (S6, ep 6) Also in HD

03 00-04 00Hawaii Five-0
Ka Pono Ku'oko'a (The Cost Of Freedom): Five-O launch a manhunt when a chemical spill allows six inmates, including Kono's husband Adam, to break out of jail. (S6, ep 21) Also in HD

04 00-04 30The Real A & E
When Justin tries to detach a winch rope from a rock face during a charity event, a boulder falls on his pelvis. But with such rocky terrain, the Air Ambulance is unable to land. (S2, ep 4) Also in HD

04 30-05 00The Real A & E
It's another busy day for the staff at James Cook University Hospital. After tripping over and hitting a wall head-first, Carol's ear is in need of urgent treatment. (S2, ep 5) Also in HD

05 00-05 30The Real A & E
Teessider Michael suffers a postie's worst nightmare when a dog sinks its teeth into his arm. Across town an ice hockey player is out cold when he hits his head on the rink. (S2, ep 6) Also in HD

05 30-06 00The Real A & E
Champion jockey Jaqueline is airlifted to A&E after being thrown from her horse. And doctors fear 13-year-old Charlie has the first signs of a rare and disfiguring disease. (S2, ep 7) Also in HD

06 00-06 30Futurama
Tired of feeling like an outcast, Leela has a second eye grafted onto her face. Bender adopts 12 children. (S3, ep 11)