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TV Listings for SKY ATLANTIC on Sunday (23.08.2020)

06 00-06 55CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom, Sara and Nick investigate a deathly electrocution at a Japanese casino and find that the murder was acting as an elaborate distraction for a bigger scheme... (S4, ep 13)

06 55-07 50CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
It's a mammoth task for the CSI team when a grocery store shoot-out results in five deaths, a large crime scene and an enormous amount of evidence to collate. (S4, ep 14)

07 50-08 45CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The team investigate the execution-style murder of a porn-star and her husband, Catherine receives her evaluation and Sara's personal life is questioned. (S4, ep 15)

08 45-09 40CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The CSIs investigate two cases, one involving a clown and the other a local charity worker who helped out in a drug rehabilitation centre. (S4, ep 16)

09 40-10 40CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
When a violent murder occurs in a casino carpark, the team discover that the case revolves around a three-fold incident involving a missing woman and child. (S4, ep 18)

10 40-11 50The Wire
A Baltimore cop attends a trial that has far-reaching implications for both sides of the law. Strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 1)

11 50-13 00The Wire
The unit steps up surveillance of Barksdale's crew, while an early-hours visit to the towers goes badly wrong for Prez. Strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 2)

13 00-14 10The Wire
The detail finally puts a face to the name Avon, whose gang takes a hit at the hands of a stick-up guy. Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 3)

14 10-15 20The Wire
Bunk and McNulty investigate an old crime scene in their own inimitable fashion. Stringer and Avon vow to make Omar pay. Strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 4)

15 20-16 30The Wire
As McNulty closes in on D'Angelo, the Barksdale crew gets closer to Omar. The detail gets a boost from Prez. Strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 5)

16 30-17 40The Wire
Barksdale's revenge on Omar is laid out for all to see, while McNulty worries Rawls will blow the case. Strong language/violence/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 6)

17 40-18 50The Wire
The squad busts Barksdale's crew but Stringer smells a rat and orders changes that could put the surveillance back to square one. Strong language/flashing images. (S1, ep 7)

18 50-19 55The Wire
As the war between Omar and the Barksdale crew escalates, the detail is forced to look for a new informant. Strong language/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 8)

19 55-21 00The Wire
Omar and Joe cut a deal that sparks a firefight. A graphic image shows just what Avon's crew is capable of. Strong language/sex/violence/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 9)

21 00-22 00Little Birds
New & Exclusive. After her discovery about Hugo and Adham, Lucy decamps to the home of the Contessa Mandrax, where she is consoled by Lili. (S1, ep 4)

22 00-23 10Dexter
Dexter is torn between fleeing the country with Hannah and Harrison and taking his opponent out once and for all. (S8, ep 11)

23 10-00 15Dexter
In the series' final episode, Dexter is faced with impossible odds. A hurricane hits Miami as Dexter ends things his way. (S8, ep 12)

00 15-00 50Californication
Mia's book gets rave reviews, while Charlie plans on giving Marcy some time before announcing that he wants a divorce. (S2, ep 11)

00 50-02 00Lovecraft Country
New & Exclusive. Sundown: Series premiere. Atticus Freeman recruits his uncle George and childhood friend, Letitia, on a journey to help find his missing father, Montrose. (S1, ep 1)

02 00-03 10New: Lovecraft Country
New & Exclusive. Whitney's on the Moon: While Leti and George luxuriate in their new surroundings, Atticus grows suspicious of their hosts at Ardham Lodge. (S1, ep 2)

03 10-04 15The Wire
Wallace helps the unit in a bid to put his gang days behind him. Meanwhile, Greggs is left exposed. Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 10)

04 15-05 05Urban Secrets
The series concludes as Alan visits Glasgow. Starting at the Necropolis, the actor's journey takes him from the world's oldest music hall to tea with a movie star. (8/8)

05 05-06 00The British
This factual series tells the story of our nation through CGI, re-enactments & interviews with famous faces. (1/7)

06 00-06 55Storm City
Earthquakes are a geological hazard as old as the earth itself and, in this final episode, Ben Fogle discovers how they wreak so much havoc. (4/4)