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TV Listings for CHANNEL 5 on Sunday (23.08.2020)

06 00-06 05Mofy
Animated series. Something strange has happened to the plant. Who could have made it disappear? (S1 Ep 12)

06 05-06 10Peppa Pig
Pig tales. When Peppa and Suzy learn that grown ups must work all day, they decide to play at working in a shop. But they quickly find it is very tiring! (S3 Ep 1)

06 10-06 15Peppa Pig
Animation. Peppa and her family spot a rainbow when they go for a drive. (S3 Ep 2)

06 15-06 20Peppa Pig
Pig tales. Daddy Pig has a book from the library that he has kept for too long. The family go to the library to return it and find more books to read. (S3 Ep 4)

06 20-06 25Peppa Pig
Animated pig tales. Peppa and her family go on holiday in a special van. (S3 Ep 5)

06 25-06 40Bob the Builder
CGI animation. Bob and the team are building a skate park for the Spring City Rockets. Leo pretends that he is a great skateboarder, which ends up backfiring. (S1 Ep 48)

06 40-06 50Noddy Toyland Detective
Animation. The toys want to play with Fuse's new electronic ball, but he's vanished and there's a big brick wall in front of his workshop! (S1 Ep 20)

06 50-07 00Thomas and Friends
CGI animation. After Thomas accidentally gets his firebox wet, Paxton overhears Toby saying that Thomas has lost his puff and heads off across Sodor to look for it! (S17 Ep 11)

07 00-07 10Fireman Sam
Animation. Sarah and James try to photograph a polar bear for a local newspaper competition. (S8 Ep 8)

07 10-07 25Shane the Chef
Animation. When Milly the goat eats the flowers that Sid plans to give Penny as a surprise, Shane creates a bouquet from Maggie's fresh vegetables. (Ep 31)

07 25-07 35Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Impish animation. Holly is on a camping trip with Ben and his parents, but they are soon joined by annoying Mr Gnome, who is always hungry and singing silly songs. (S1 Ep 40)

07 35-07 45PAW Patrol
Animated series about a pack of brave and resourceful puppies. Daring Danny X accidentally drives off with some turtle eggs! (S4 Ep 38)

07 45-07 50Milkshake Monkey
Preschool series starring an inquisitive puppet. Milkshake! Monkey's hair is almost covering his eyes, so he joins some friends for a haircut! (S3 Ep 12)

07 50-07 55Peppa Pig
Animation. Grampy Rabbit loses his voice while giving Peppa's playgroup a talk about space rockets. Can Doctor Brown Bear get him speaking again? (S4 Ep 50)

07 55-08 05Peppa Pig
Animated series about a lovable little pig. When Grandpa Pig puts up a tent in his garden, Peppa and her friends put on a circus. (S4 Ep 49)

08 05-08 10Peppa Pig
Animated series about a little pig. Peppa teases George for having a baby's tricycle, but then the other children point out that Peppa's own bike isn't that grown-up. (S4 Ep 50)

08 10-08 25Butterbean's Cafe
Animated series about a young fairy who runs a cafe. When Butterbean's delivery truck breaks down, Mr Brookwrench turns it into a glittery cafe on wheels. (S1 Ep 10)

08 25-08 40Little Princess
2D-animated series about an inquisitive little girl who lives in a castle. Princess is thrilled when Algie comes to stay, but he is missing something from home... (S4 Ep 12)

08 40-08 55Nella the Princess Knight
Animation. Flutter is jealous of a younger and cooler messenger falcon and sends him on a fool's errand to the faraway Sky Cliffs, home to the dangerous Windy Canyon... (S1 Ep 41)

08 55-09 05Wissper
Animated series about a little girl who talks to animals. Kev can't identify the source of an annoying noise, so Wissper summons Herbert Horse to help track it down. (S2 Ep 33)

09 05-09 20Pirata and Capitano
Animated piratical adventures. Pirata and Capitano discover a pirate imprisoned in an iceberg, who unleashes a reign of terror after he is defrosted. (S1 Ep 37)

09 20-09 35New: Shimmer and Shine
Children's animation. When Arabella flubs a wish grant, the girls must quickly fix her mistake or else the Dance of the Jellyfish will be ruined.

09 35-09 50Floogals
Animation. Why is Mum Hooman is cutting off Boy Hooman's hair. Doesn't he need it? As the Floogals investigate, Fleeker finds that he has a talent for hairstyling. (S2 Ep 36)

09 50-09 55Peppa Pig
Animation. Mummy Pig shows Peppa and her friend Suzy Sheep some old photographs from when they were babies. (S4 Ep 51)

09 55-10 00Peppa Pig
Animation. Mummy and Daddy Pig take Peppa and George to a castle to feast on medieval banquets, play King and Queen and meet a dragon. It's George's favourite day ever! (S5 Ep 1)

10 00-10 15Spongebob Squarepants
Cartoon about an accident-prone sea sponge and his friends. Plankton's latest ploy to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula involves posing as a genie.

10 15-10 25Ryan's Mystery Playdate
Live-action, challenge and puzzle-solving series. Watch Ryan as he tests his skills in a series of challenges to discover his mind-blowing playdate. (S1 Ep 4)

10 25-10 35Access
A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.

10 35-11 30WWE: Raw Highlights
The highlights of the latest clashes between the superstars of WWE.

11 30-12 00Friends
Ross is upset when Rachel returns his personal belongings. Monica dates a millionaire. (S3 Ep 19)

12 00-12 30Friends
Joey thinks he has found his true love. Monica inherits a doll's house. Chandler's date with Rachel's boss creates big trouble for Rachel. (S3 Ep 20)

12 30-13 00Friends
When Pete buys a restaurant, Monica has to make a difficult decision. Ross makes a sacrifice for Rachel. Joey buys Chandler an unusual pet. (S3 Ep 21)

13 00-14 00Police Interceptors
Road-crime documentary series. Tim is almost mown down by a desperate driver, and Ange gets spooked while on the lookout for a prowler. (S4 Ep 8)

14 00-15 00Police Interceptors
Road-crime documentary series. A gang of lorry thieves trigger a major manhunt, a young man is busted for heroin possession, and a fraudster is taken into custody. (S4 Ep 9)

15 00-16 00Police Interceptors
Road-crime documentary series. A petrol thief runs out of gas, the helicopter follows a car thief to the fair and a drunk driver does not have to travel far to be patched up. (S4 Ep 10)

16 00-17 00Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords
Documentary series. John and Irene had the fight of their lives evicting a family. Jill invested in a house with her late husband, but it turned into a nightmare. (S1 Ep 8)

17 00-18 00Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords
Documentary series about tenancy issues. A couple from Kent are close to losing their home, a landlord is facing financial ruin, and a young mother is made homeless. (S4 Ep 15)

18 00-18 55Our Yorkshire Farm
This week the family battle through two brutal winter storms. While they fight the elements to feed the flock, mum Amanda is powerless to stop the only livestock trailer being washed down. (S3 Ep 5)

18 55-19 005 News Weekend
National and international news.

19 00-20 00New: Toddlers Behaving (Very)...
...Badly. Laura Amies helps three desperate families. In Lancashire, single parent Molly is struggling with Ivy whose diva-like tantrums are creating a chasm between mum and daughter. (S1 Ep 2)

20 00-21 00New:Inside Legoland: A World of...
...Wonder. Brick-by-brick account of life inside one of the world's most popular theme parks. The park is readied for Halloween, and its fireworks spectacular. (S1 Ep 3)

21 00-22 00Rich House, Poor House
Documentary series. Colin and Lizzy Whiting enjoy collecting antiques, while Ross and Sarah Timmins work hard to budget what funds they have. (S3 Ep 1)

22 00-22 55Bargain- Loving Brits In The Sun
...The Sun. Documentary series. Jacqui works the night markets down on the prom, Victor faces selling his motorhome of 18 years, and Gary holds a cake-off competition to raise cash. (S4 Ep 5)

22 55-23 55Hoarders: Junk Apocalypse
With a hoarding epidemic in the UK, this series uncovers some of the deeply personal stories behind those struggling. Can a serial shopaholic help a fellow hoarder see the light? (S1 Ep 3)

23 55-00 55Depressed, Stressed & Repossessed
Documentary series. This episode sees a nightclub singer who is about to be evicted and rapper who is in down on his luck. (S4 Ep 2)

00 55-01 00Access
A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.

01 00-03 00The Live Casino Show
Interactive casino show featuring live roulette. For more information and to register, visit (S1)

03 00-03 10Access
A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.

03 10-04 00Walking Britain's Lost Railways
...Railways. Nostalgia-rich history series in which Rob Bell explores some of Britain's former railway lines. Rob follows the line from King's Lynn to Great Yarmouth. (S2 Ep 5)

04 00-04 45The Secret World of your Rubbish
People working in the front line of waste management.

04 45-05 10Wildlife SOS
Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. (S2 Ep 25)

05 10-05 35Great Scientists
Allan Chapman profiles famous scientists. Allan considers Charles Darwin, whose controversial theory of evolution was widely ridiculed when it was published. (S1 Ep 4)

05 35-06 00House Doctor
Ann Maurice presents more home improvements for hard-to-sell properties. This edition looks back at some of the most impressive transformations of the series. [SL] (S5 Ep 13)

06 00-06 05Peppa Pig
Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and her family are at the school fete where the top prize in the raffle is a trip in a hot air balloon. (S2 Ep 25)