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TV Listings for DISCOVERY on Sunday (23.08.2020)

06 00-07 00Wheeler Dealers
1969 Opel GT 1900. Mike and Ant dive into the European sports car market with a 1969 Opel GT. It suffers fresh body damage, a backfiring engine, shoddy brakes, and faulty headlights. S14, Ep13

07 00-08 00Wheeler Dealers
1972 Lancia Fulvia. Mike finds a rare, rally-bred 1972 Lancia Fulvia. He and Ant must fix its bad CV joints, a broken heater, cracked dash and a debris-clogged fuel system. S14, Ep14

08 00-09 00Wheeler Dealers
1972 Datsun 510. Mike and Ant drag a rare 1972 Datsun 510 2-door into the 21st century. The engine is in good order, but the bad paint job, gearbox and bodywork let it down. S14, Ep15

09 00-10 00Wheeler Dealers
2004 Mini Cooper S MC40. Mike finds one of only 1,000 MC40s ever made, the 40th anniversary homage to the Monte Carlo rally-winning British icon. Can Ant revive its original look? S14, Ep16

10 00-11 00Wheeler Dealers
1970 International Scout. Mike hunts an early SUV - a 1970 International Harvester Scout 800A. Ant's repair includes rebuilding a leaky transfer case and replacing the interior. S14, Ep17

11 00-12 00Wheeler Dealers
Petrolhead Takeover. Mike and Ant answer questions from fans across the globe. In the process, they reveal on the inner workings of the series and look back at the last eight cars. S14, Ep18

12 00-13 00Richard Hammond's Big
World Biggest Car Factory. Richard explores Volkswagen's giant car plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. He checks out its futuristic technology and discovers how this mega-factory works! S1, Ep1

13 00-14 00Richard Hammond's Big
Super Galaxy Plane. Richard takes flight aboard the US Air Force's biggest cargo plane: The C-5M Super Galaxy. Climbing inside its inner workings he learns why it's a record breaker. S1, Ep2

14 00-15 00Richard Hammond's Big
Austria's Mega Dam. Richard explores one of the world's biggest man-made engineering projects: the K├Âlnbrein Dam, which can hold back an incredible 200 million tonnes of water! S1, Ep3

15 00-16 00Richard Hammond's Big
Mega Ship. Richard joins the crew of one of the biggest moving objects on earth, the Marie Maersk container ship, on her continuous 28,000-mile voyage from Asia to Europe. S1, Ep4

16 00-17 00Richard Hammond's Big
World's Longest Railway Tunnel. Richard ventures 2km beneath the Alps into the world's longest underground railway connection, the Brenner Base Tunnel, riding some giant machines! S1, Ep5

17 00-18 00Richard Hammond's Big
Super Stadium. Richard explores the huge Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium in London. He explores a pitch that splits and rolls away and takes a terrifying walk on the stadium roof! S1, Ep6

18 00-19 00Alaska: Homestead Rescue
Troubled Water. The Raneys help an Oregon couple with a toxic salt water well. Marty builds a massive catchment pond and Matt works on a solar still to de-contaminate the water. S3, Ep6

19 00-20 00Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets
Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets. Philip Grossman examines the causes and outcomes of the events at the Chernobyl site. Was it an accident or one of the biggest sabotages in history? S1, Ep1

20 00-21 00Somali Pirate Takedown: The...
...Real Story. The story behind the heroic Navy SEAL kill shots that finally freed Captain Richard Phillips after a dramatic four-day Somali pirate siege.

21 00-22 00New: Surviving Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic gives one of his last interviews before his arrest. Ex-employees reveal the truth about his infamous G.W. Zoo and there's a look at the rescue of some of its big cats.

22 00-23 00The Laws Of Jaws
Shark attacks are on the rise but are they due to the shark's behaviour or the human's? A team of expert divers test this theory by re-enacting five harrowing real-life encounters.

23 00-00 00The Alaska Triangle
Haunted And Kushtaka Curse. Guests report attacks by an aggressive spirit at a hotel. And, is a shapeshifting menace responsible for thousands of abductions in the Alaska Triangle? S1, Ep7

00 00-01 00Buried Worlds With Don Wildman
Supernatural Nazi Weapons. Don gains access to the mysterious diary of an SS officer. His investigation leads him to a cave that was reportedly built to hide supernatural relics. S1, Ep3

01 00-02 00Fast N' Loud
SEMA Dreamin'. The Monkeys have one of their biggest challenges yet. They want to convert a '72 Buick Riviera into a SEMA super-build and the team meets Richard's stepson. S6, Ep1

02 00-03 00Fast N' Loud
No Second Chances. The Monkeys rev up for their last attempt to finish the '72 Buick Riviera super-build in time for SEMA. $300,000 has been invested so failure is not an option. S6, Ep6

03 00-04 40Deadliest Catch
Scandies Rose. As winter slams the fleet, the Coast Guard responds to a Mayday call, as captains and crew brace for the loss of friends. Sig and Monte track an opilio hoard. S16, Ep8

04 40-05 30Deadliest Catch
Harm's Way. Facing a 500-mile wide Siberian storm, Josh takes a big risk to keep the Cornelia Marie crew safe. Junior loses control and puts his boat at the mercy of dangerous seas. S16, Ep10

05 30-06 00How Do They Do It?
How do they assemble the reinvented Morgan 3 Wheeler? Plus, how do they protect firefighters' hands from heat, flame and chemical attack? S14, Ep12

06 00-07 00Combat Dealers
Germany. Bruce blows up a van with WW2 rifle grenades and the twins ride the Redball Express. Bruce also tracks down an iconic 'Deuce-and-a-half' American army truck. S2, Ep5