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TV Listings for BBC TWO WALES on Friday (21.08.2020)

02 15-06 05This is BBC Two
Highlights of programmes BBC Two.

06 05-06 50Animal Park
4/15. Ben and Kate see how koalas get ready to mate, the keepers finally outwit the park's secretive spotted hyenas, and Jean joins rescue training on the lake. Also in HD. [S,AD]

06 50-07 35Call That Hard Work?
4/10. A head housekeeper, a telemarketing MD and a vineyard manager swap jobs to see which is hardest. Also in HD. [S]

07 35-08 00Meerkat Manor: When Flower Met...
...Hannibal. 6/13. As Mozart's banishment continues, Flower and the pups get into a vicious fight with the Commandos when the Whiskers get split up. Also in HD. [S,AD]

08 00-09 00Bears About the House
1/2. Conservationist Giles Clark is in Laos caring for a rescued sun bear cub. Also in HD. [S,AD,SL]

09 00-10 00Ultimate Swarms
Zoologist and explorer George McGavin searches for the world's most spectacular swarms, discovering why they are the ultimate solution to surviving against all odds. Also in HD. [S,AD]

10 00-12 55BBC News
Twenty-four hours a day, the latest national and international stories as they break. Also in HD.

12 55-13 30Wales Today Coronavirus Update
Latest developments, including the daily Welsh government news conference. Also in HD. [S]

13 30-14 15The Boss
2/25. Susan Calman hosts the quiz show where being in control is everything. Who will emerge as the boss and walk away with the cash? Also in HD. [S]

14 15-15 05A Place to Call Home
5/12. Australian period drama. As Sarah and George depart with Leah and David to Canberra, a distraught Regina attempts to stop George. Also in HD. [S]

15 05-15 15A to Z of TV Cooking
16/26. John Torode sifts through the archives and serves up a selection of mouthwatering cookery clips from some of the nation's favourite chefs linked by the letter P. Also in HD. [S]

15 15-16 15Incredible Medicine: Dr...
...Weston's Casebook. 5/6. Gabriel Weston uncovers extraordinary cases that are disclosing new discoveries about the human body, including a man with bones as strong as granite. Also in HD. [S,AD]

16 15-17 15World's Weirdest Events
5/8. Chris Packham explores the unexplained, unexpected and unidentifiable. Chris reveals how deadly poisonous frogs can save lives, and why we see faces in everything. Also in HD. [S,AD]

17 15-18 00Flog It!
28/40. In Yorkshire, Caroline Hawley is entertained by some Laurel and Hardy autographs. Also in HD. [S]

18 00-18 30Richard Osman's House of Games
5/100. Ade Edmondson, Ed Gamble, Miquita Oliver and Kate Thornton take on their final series of quiz games and an overall champion is crowned. Also in HD. [S]

18 30-19 00Meerkat Manor: United We Stand
7/13. Mozart is allowed to return to the family, but there serious consequences ensue when the Whiskers battle with the Commandos. Also in HD. [S,AD]

19 00-20 00Today at the Test: England v...
...Pakistan. Highlights from the opening day of the final Test match between England and Pakistan. Also in HD. [S]

20 00-21 00Gardeners' World
23/32. Monty gives his recipes for the compost mixes he uses to take successful cuttings. Also in HD. [S]

21 00-22 30Lady Bird
Lady Bird expects much from life, but strained relationships keep clipping her wings. Contains very strong language and some scenes of a sexual nature. Also in HD. [2018] [S,AD]

22 30-22 45State of the Union
7/10. Louise and Tom, too often distracted down quarrelsome cul-de-sacs, need a more constructive outlook. Contains some strong language. Also in HD. [S,AD]

22 45-23 15Newsnight
The day's important national and international news stories. With Katie Razzall. Also in HD. [S]

23 15-23 20Weather
Weather bulletin. Also in HD. [S]

23 20-00 20Golf: Women's Open Highlights
Highlights from day two of the Women's Open at Royal Troon, where the world's top female golfers are battling it out in the first major to take place this season. Also in HD. [S]

00 20-01 40The Levelling
After her brother dies, Clover returns home to rebuild her relationship with her father. Contains strong language and some upsetting scenes. Also in HD. [2015] [S]

01 40-02 10Escaping My Abuser - Panorama
Victoria Derbyshire investigates what the coronavirus lockdown meant for those trapped with an abusive partner, and meets some of those who managed to escape. Also in HD. [S,SL]

02 10-03 10Cuba: Castro vs the World
1/2. Spies, revolutionaries and diplomats reveal the secrets of how a small island in the Caribbean challenged the world. Also in HD. [S,AD,SL]

03 10-06 45This is BBC Two
Highlights of programmes BBC Two.