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TV Listings for COMEDY CENTRAL on Thursday (05.12.2019)

06 00-08 00Teleshopping

08 00-08 35Will & Grace
Went to a Garden Potty: Will salvages a cherished garden gnome in the aftermath of his parent's divorce; elsewhere Jack's afraid of being typecast as a straight man. (S4, E20)

08 35-09 00Most Ridiculous Toddlers
Narrated by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Most Ridiculous seeks out the stupidest and most insane videos to ever be found online. This episode is all about the little kiddie winks! (S2, E06)

09 00-09 30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will and Lisa's wedding day looms, with both families preparing for the big day. However, love soon blossoms between other members of each family... (S5, E25)

09 30-10 00The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Burnin' Down the House: Phil becomes nervous when he invites his boss to dinner. Will burns down the kitchen, attempting to cook, so enlists the help of Geoffrey to disguise the accident. (S6, E01)

10 00-11 00Wipeout USA
Host John Henson may have lost all of his hair, but our contestants compete on hair-raising obstacles for the big prize. Our contestants include 'Big Foot Enthusiast' and 'Paid to Party'. (S7, E14)

11 00-11 30Impractical Jokers
The guys complete tasks at Universal Orlando Resort's Volcano Bay water park, go head-to-head playing a game of TP basketball shootout, and play a game of hot potato with a strange item. (S10, E23)

11 30-12 00Impractical Jokers
The guys dodge shakedowns at the park, go head-to-head to see who can cling to a car the longest, and go head-to-head playing a game of attaching ribbons to strangers. (S10, E24)

12 00-12 30Friends
The One That Could Have Been (2): In the friends' continuing speculative fantasy, Ross initiates a threesome with his wife and her female friend but it doesn't go the way he wanted. (S6, E16)

12 30-13 00Friends
Chandler and Monica agree to give each other homemade presents for their six-month anniversary and Ross tries to teach martial arts to Rachel and Phoebe. (S6, E17)

13 00-13 30Friends
When a fire damages their apartment, Rachel and Phoebe must choose between living with Joey or Monica. Ross gets into trouble by dating a student. (S6, E18)

13 30-14 00Friends
Ross tries to contain his paranoia when his student girlfriend goes on spring break with her wild friends. (S6, E19)

14 00-14 30Friends
Joey auditions for a major television role, but Chandler almost ruins everything by forgetting to write down a telephone message. (S6, E20)

14 30-15 00Friends
Ross fails to impress his girlfriend's father (Bruce Willis). Joey gets off on the wrong foot with the operator of his robotic co-star. (S6, E21)

15 00-15 30Friends
While Ross and Elizabeth are on a romantic weekend getaway at her family's cabin, Elizabeth's father (Bruce Willis) and Rachel show up unexpectedly. (S6, E22)

15 30-16 00Friends
Chandler finds the perfect engagement ring, and then loses it. Rachel tries to get Paul (Bruce Willis) to reveal his emotions, but now he can't stop blubbering. (S6, E23)

16 00-16 30Friends
Monica becomes popular with her neighbours because of her homemade candy. Meanwhile, Ross teaches Phoebe how to ride a bike... literally. (S7, E09)

16 30-17 00Friends
Ross dresses up as an Armadillo to try and teach Ben about Hanukkah. Meanwhile, Phoebe worries that Rachel wants to continue living with Joey. (S7, E10)

17 00-17 30Will & Grace
When Jack works instead of taking his son to a basketball tournament, he learns from Will that he missed his son's first kiss with a girl. (S4, E21)

17 30-18 00Will & Grace
Will expects two friends to arrive in to plan a wedding, but when the bride-to-be falls ill, he asks a willing Grace to work with the clueless groom to work out the details. (S4, E22)

18 00-18 30Friends
Chandler and Rachel can't help eating the irresistible cheesecakes that are meant for a neighbour. (S7, E11)

18 30-19 00Friends
After the gang head to the roof to see a passing comet, separate events unfold that lead to all of them having a sleepless night. (S7, E12)

19 00-19 30Friends
Phoebe becomes involved with a suicidal office worker (Jason Alexander). Meanwhile, Rachel and Chandler both think they've broken Rosita, Joey's recliner. (S7, E13)

19 30-20 00Friends
Rachel's 30th birthday prompts the friends to reminisce about their own 30th celebrations. (S7, E14)

20 00-21 00New: Blockbusters Xmas Special
Dara Ó Briain schools our celebrity contestants James Acaster, Scarlett Moffatt and Jordan Banjo as they take on the iconic trivia-based quiz in this special Christmas edition! (S2, E10)

21 00-23 10Superbad
Best friends Seth and Evan luck into an invitation to a party, and spend a long day trying to score enough alcohol to lubricate the party and impress the ladies. Jonah Hill & Michael Cera star. (2007)

23 10-00 30Lee Evans Live At Her Majesty's...
...Theatre. Lee Evans delivers a wealth of classics including his "How To Be a Comic" self-help vinyl and the mumble your wife makes just after an argument. This award-winner is where it all began!

00 30-01 00South Park
The boys become embroiled in the world of competitive 'Magic: The Gathering' fighting, and things get a little too "hardcore"! Randy shows them another world of magic tricks! (S18, E08)

01 00-01 30South Park
#REHASH (1): Kyle is unimpressed with young kids watching others do stuff. Meanwhile, "Lorde" (Randy) is booked to play a concert with Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea - can he go through with it? (S18, E09)

01 30-02 00South Park
#HappyHolograms (2): Still burning over Ike calling him a Grandpa, Kyle teams up with some stars (including Bill Cosby!) to create the most extravagant televised Holiday Spectacular ever! (S18, E10)

02 00-02 30South Park
South Park's politically incorrect past catches up with it when the new principal at South Park Elementary lays down the law - and Cartman bears the brunt of his wrath! (S19, E01)

02 30-03 00South Park
Where My Country Gone? Mr Garrison is crazy-mad about all the illegal immigrants in South Park - time for a showdown with the familiar looking President of Canada! Cartman has other plans. (S19, E02)

03 00-03 30New: The Daily Show
Brand new and exclusive. Join Trevor Noah and his team as they take a satirical sideswipe at the latest in news and current affairs. Emmy Award winning irreverence from Comedy Central.

03 30-03 50Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes
Which Joker who once included "inline skating" as a skill on his resume; who was a mathlete and a bowler in high school; a which Joker was afraid of the dark as a child. (S4, E05)

03 50-04 15Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes
Which Joker has a weak spot for animals, which one made the best wingman back in his single days and how long did it take Q to grow out his hair to have enough for a wig? (S4, E06)

04 15-04 35Impractical Jokers
The guys attempt to trick receptionists with ridiculous disguises and try to get approval for an e-mail they're writing. This week's loser has to act as a dance teacher's assistant. (S11, E05)

04 35-05 00Impractical Jokers
Joe, Murr, Sal and Q skirt the law while posing as receptionists, then go fishing for people's luggage at a mall. This week's loser has a tough sell on their hands. (S11, E07)

05 00-06 00Teleshopping

06 00-08 00Teleshopping