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TV Listings for NICKELODEON on Tuesday (15.10.2019)

06 00-06 31Henry Danger
Activity in a dormant super volcano under Swellview makes Henry and Ray think the world is ending. Piper is convinced she has a gluten intolerance. (S1, ep 15) Also in HD.

06 31-07 00Sam & Cat
To boost their babysitting business, Sam and Cat make an advert with Dice's dog. But a family recognizes the dog and says that it belongs to them! (S1, ep 12) Also in HD.

07 00-07 31Victorious
The kids are excited to hear that they'll be the stars of a new reality TV show. Meanwhile, Trina and Robbie must work at The Grub Truck when Festus is injured. (S1, ep 14) Also in HD.

07 31-08 00The Thundermans
After discovering that Link's ex-girlfriend is a secret supervillain who wants Link for herself, Phoebe enlists Max's help in exposing her rival's true motives. (S3, ep 3) Also in HD

08 00-08 31Henry Danger
Henry has Schwoz's shape-shifting android fill in for him at a family dinner so he can watch the MMA fight of the year with Charlotte and Ray. (S2, ep 16) Also in HD.

08 31-09 00Game Shakers
Babe and Kenzie are nominated for a Girl Power Award. Kenzie soon realises the award show is a scam, but Babe is determined to win her first trophy ever. (S1, ep 16) Also in HD.

09 00-09 31Hunter Street
Anika and Oliver argue after he shares an upsetting theory with her. Meanwhile, Sal and Jasmyn must attempt a daring and dangerous mission to find the next riddle stone. (S3, ep 16)

09 31-10 00Henry Danger
Henry gets a series of mysterious notes from someone and worries that this person may know his secret identity. (S2, ep 19) Also in HD.

10 00-10 31Game Shakers
Babe and Kenzie are nominated for a Girl Power Award. Kenzie soon realises the award show is a scam, but Babe is determined to win her first trophy ever. (S1, ep 16) Also in HD.

10 31-11 00Victorious
When a movie shoot causes a traffic jam and extends Tori's commute, Tori attempts to find a driving companion. Cat gets addicted to a coupon service. (S3, ep 8) Also in HD.

11 00-11 31Sam & Cat
When Sam and Cat accidentally knock out musician Del DeVille, things quickly escalate as they try to avoid getting in trouble. (S1, ep 35) Also in HD.

11 31-12 00Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat are excited to try a new online drone delivery service, but when they use it, they encounter more problems than they expected. (S1, ep 31) Also in HD.

12 00-12 31Find Me in Paris
After a rocky rehearsal, Lena and Max are demoted from leading dancers to understudies, but Max has a plan; he just needs to get Lena to relax using his "chill method". (S1, ep 12)

12 31-13 00I am Frankie
I am... Hungry: Frankie discovers she has two dates to the school dance. The school hallway is vandalized by a mysterious figure. Kingston and PEGS1 put their plan into motion. (S1, ep 12)

13 00-13 31Game Shakers
Mason Kendal asks Kenzie to teach him coding. Seeing a chance to get closer to Mason, Babe convinces Kenzie, but gets jealous when Kenzie starts spending time with him. (S2, ep 4) Also in HD.

13 31-14 00Game Shakers
Babe is upset to learn that Mason Kendal is moving, so Kenzie designs a virtual reality version of Mason. Babe loves it, but gets swept up in it all. (S2, ep 5) Also in HD.

14 00-14 31School of Rock
We are the Champions... Maybe: School of Rock faces defeat at the Battle of the Bands when a rival group steals their song, but using a new song might be the best way to win. (S1, ep 12) Also in HD.

14 31-15 00The Thundermans
Max and Phoebe accidentally sell one of Barb's superhero utility belts to a superfan at the family's garage sale, and must get it back before she finds out. (S2, ep 13) Also in HD.

15 00-15 31Henry Danger
When a video of Henry and Ray transforming into Kid Danger and Captain Man gets out, Henry must get it back so that his secret identity isn't revealed. (S2, ep 12) Also in HD.

15 31-16 00Henry Danger
Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems: As Henry tries to adjust to his new role as Kid Danger, he struggles to balance his schedule between crime fighting, school, family and friends. (S1, ep 3) Also in HD.

16 00-16 31Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
When the Quads each try to be someone they are not, they all learn a valuable lesson about being true to themselves. (S4, ep 8)

16 31-17 00Knight Squad
As Warwick's infatuation with the Princess becomes a liability during training, Arc and Ciara help him focus by setting him up with another beautiful princess. (S2, ep 2)

17 00-17 31The Thundermans
Max and Phoebe get jobs at a pizza place, each trying to impress the manager. But when Max over-promises on a huge order, it could be all over. (S1, ep 9) Also in HD.

17 31-18 00Henry Danger
Henry and Ray must deal with an especially annoying new villain, the Spoiler. Piper is pushed to her limits as she tries to join a popular Captain Man fan club. (S1, ep 13) Also in HD.

18 00-18 31New: Hunter Street
Jasmyn finds a new clue but gets caught red-handed. Oliver stumbles upon a secret in the Hunter House. And Sal and Anika get a surprise when they revisit Diane's house. (S3, ep 17)

18 31-19 00The Thundermans
Max plans to sabotage dinner when Phoebe invites her crush's family over to impress them, but when an unexpected guest arrives, the evening could become a disaster! (S1, ep 2) Also in HD

19 00-19 31Knight Squad
When Phoenix Squad is paired with Sage and Buttercup on a quest, they magically adjust Sage's unpleasant attitude, but mistakenly turn her evil. (S2, ep 3)

19 31-20 00Victorious
Andre stays with Tori to work on a song for class. They find they aren't the best roommates. Jade discovers an unflattering picture of herself on the internet. (S3, ep 22) Also in HD

20 00-20 31Victorious
Tori tries to master an iconic Hollywood Arts monologue in Sikowitz's class. Andre and Robbie join a ballet class hoping to meet girls, with disastrous results. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD.

20 31-21 00Victorious
The gang's favourite megastore is having a sale. To avoid a huge line of customers, the kids hide in the store until it closes so they can get to the goods first. (S3, ep 12) Also in HD

21 00-21 31Victorious
Tori and the gang compete to see who can get the most followers. When they get caught up in the competition, they neglect their schoolwork and their friendships. (S3, ep 27) Also in HD

21 31-22 00Hunter Street
Jasmyn finds a new clue but gets caught red-handed. Oliver stumbles upon a secret in the Hunter House. And Sal and Anika get a surprise when they revisit Diane's house. (S3, ep 17)

22 00-22 31Find Me in Paris
Lena is doing everything she can to rock the mid-season performance, but as she's about to go on stage Thea hands her a letter from Henri, which tells her to meet him right away. (S1, ep 13)

22 31-23 00I am Frankie
I am... Speechless: Frankie must race to get new vocal cords when she loses her voice right before the Brain Squad competition. Tammy makes a startling discovery about Frankie. (S1, ep 11)

23 00-23 31How to Rock
Kacey is running for class president and promises a performance by Big Time Rush if she wins. After a string of crazy events, Kevin is also in the race. (S1, ep 14) Also in HD

23 31-00 00iCarly
Carly and Sam compete against Freddie and Spencer to see who can come up with the best plan to get more viewers for the iCarly webcast. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD.

00 00-00 30The Thundermans
Nana and Pop Pop Thunderman come to visit, but when Phoebe reveals Colosso is living in their house, Pop Pop banishes Max & his bunny to the Detention Zone. (S4, ep 31) Also in HD.

00 30-01 00The Thundermans
After their requests drive Kickbutt to quit, Max and Phoebe get what they want when Hank is made SuperPresident. But being the First Family takes its toll. (S4, ep 32) Also in HD.

01 00-01 25Henry Danger
When a suspicious new student shows up at school, Charlotte and Henry think he may be up to something. Captain Man goes undercover as a substitute teacher. (S1, ep 6) Also in HD.

01 25-01 50Henry Danger
Trouble follows Henry home from his superhero life when a piece of rock from outer space turns out to be more than it seems. (S1, ep 8) Also in HD.

01 50-02 15Renford Rejects
Bullied for being Italian, Eddie helps him out and frightens the bullies by pretending to be Bruno's uncle, a mafia boss. (S1, ep 2)

02 15-02 40Renford Rejects
Jason can't afford to go to see QPR, so the rejects buy him a ticket, and pretend it's a press pass. Jason gets to play a game against an old footballing legend. (S1, ep 3)

02 40-03 05Winx Club
Roxy asks the Winx for help. The Sumatran tigers are in danger because they are hunted by shapeshifting poachers, contaminated by a source of Wild Magic. (S7, ep 11) Also in HD.

03 05-03 30Winx Club
At Alfea, Shiny and Amarok damage one of Roxy's techno-magic spheres. Tecna suggests the Winx to go and visit her parents on Zenith to repair it. (S7, ep 12) Also in HD.

03 30-04 00House of Anubis
Eddie realises there's a traitor amongst the Sibunas, but who? Frobisher demands a new sinner for Ammut's collection and Mara has a new plan to shame Jerome. (S3, ep31) Also in HD.

04 00-04 30House of Anubis
Denby and Frobisher kidnap Willow, but will she sin? Patricia plans to capture KT by offering to help clear her name. Jerome and Joy share a kiss. (S3, ep32) Also in HD.

04 30-05 00Henry Danger
Henry is not invited to a party because he is accused of throwing the birthday girl off the roof the previous year. Captain Man helps Henry clear his name. (S1, ep 9) Also in HD.

05 00-05 15SpongeBob SquarePants
Everyone is in awe of Larry the Lobster's daredevil ways, especially SpongeBob and Patrick. Patrick decides that it's time to start living like Larry, but SpongeBob isn't so sure.

05 15-05 30SpongeBob SquarePants
Everybody who's anybody is going to a big party in Bikini Bottom, but you have to be a certain shade of tan to get in. SpongeBob's tanning efforts have the opposite effect!

05 30-05 45SpongeBob SquarePants
Squidward gets sprayed with plant growth spray, and becomes huge. SpongeBob and Patrick are thrilled, but the citizens of Bikini Bottom are terrified of the monster, and want him out!

05 45-06 00SpongeBob SquarePants
When Patrick realizes that he is the only one out of all his friends without a nose, he decides he needs to get one. Soon Patrick is thrilled with the delightful new smells - at first.

06 00-06 31Henry Danger
Henry, Charlotte, and Ray's plans for a day of fun are derailed when Jasper accidentally triggers the emergency lockdown mode, trapping everyone indoors. (S1, ep 17) Also in HD.