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TV Listings for ITV1 HD on Sunday (05.04.2020)

06 00-06 10Dino Dana
The adventures of eight-year-old Dana, palaeontologist in training! Dana learns how Edmontosaurus young were cared for. [SL] S2 Ep12

06 10-06 25Super 4
Animated adventure series. The team are tasked with guarding Princess Leonora on her birthday from the witch Baba Cara. [SL] S2 Ep22

06 25-06 35Super 4
Animated series. When Sharkbeard finds the portrait of Barracudina, the mythical Queen of the Pirates, she turns out to be the spitting image of Twinkle. [SL] S2 Ep23

06 35-07 00Robozuna
Free For All Part 2: The Freebots must help Feronia foil Danuvia's plan to manufacture an army of Centurions, while Chike and Chandra try to work together to defeat Team Natrix. S1 Ep10

07 00-07 05Dare Master
Danny's dare is to drive a tank blindfolded. Can he get across the course and knock down the cardboard box wall? [SL] Ep8

07 05-07 15Mr Magoo
Fizz has dressed Weasel up as a supervillain in order to pretend to save the city. Magoo mistakes his disguised neighbour for an actress in danger. S1 Ep41

07 15-07 25Mr Magoo
Weasel accidentally launches Fizz next to Magoo. The latter, believing he is driving through a wildlife reserve, mistakes Fizz for a lost child. S1 Ep42

07 25-07 30Mr Magoo
Magoo thinks he's underwater scooting and has discovered Atlantis. In fact, he's in New York, riding Fizz's latest invention. S1 Ep43

07 30-07 35Scrambled!
Bitesize TV that fills your morning with a blast of excitement and fun, Scrambled. is the place to go for the best of CITV's current and original shows.

07 35-07 50Scrambled! Mighty Mike
Animated comedy. On a very hot day, Mike invites Iris to join him for a cooling cocktail on the terrace, but disaster strikes when the raccoons steal the ice maker. S1 Ep16

07 50-08 10Scrambled! Mr. Bean: The...
...Animated Series. Scrapper Cleans Up: Mr Bean enters Scrapper into a beauty contest so that he can win first prize: a trip with Irma to Paris. S3 Ep17

08 10-08 30Scrambled! Ben 10
Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max arrive at a national park to see Stonehenge-like rock formation, and soon Ben has to use the rocks to fight a villain. S3 Ep8

08 30-09 05Scrambled! Captain Underpants...
... and the Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous. Captain Underpants and the Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous: An accident turns Mr Meaner into a super-villain. S1 Ep1

09 05-09 25Scrambled! Hotel Transylvania
Mavis hasn't seen her cousin Claus in ages, but when he shows up and challenges her to a game of phlegm ball she remembers why. S1 Ep8

09 25-10 20John and Lisa's Weekend...
...Kitchen. This episode's menu includes John's one pan spicy roast lamb and Lisa's pear tarte tatin. Plus Bake Off's John Whaite showcases his lemon drizzle cake. S1 Ep3

10 20-11 20New: Ainsley's Mediterranean...
...Cookbook. Sardinia - Olbia: Ainsley's Mediterranean exploration continues on the Italian island of Sardinia where he visits a beachside restaurant for a modern take on Italian dining. S1 Ep3

11 20-11 50St Davids - Britain's...
...Smallest City. It's all go in St Davids... A plane makes an emergency landing on Whitesands beach, the National Trust wardens try to round up some wild ponies. Ep5

11 50-12 20Britain's Best Walks with...
...Julia Bradbury. Lakeside Walk: Loch Lomond, Scotland: Julia takes a boat ride to the idyllic island of Inchailloch - a jewel in Loch Lomond's crown - for stunning views over the Loch. Ep3/8

12 20-12 35ITV Lunchtime News
The latest headlines from around the world at lunchtime with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents, all of which are followed by a national weather forecast.

12 35-13 35The Voice UK: Most Memorable...
...Moments. Compilation Show 2: The Voice: Most Memorable Moments returns with superstar coach guiding us through some of the best moments from The Voice across the last four years. S7 Ep2

13 35-14 35Ant and Dec's Saturday...
...Night Takeaway. Ant and Dec are back on our screens for the happiest 90 minutes of the week with all-new Saturday Night Takeaway. S16 Ep7

14 35-16 35Midsomer Murders
In the village of Ford Florey, the annual Wild West fair becomes terrifyingly real when locals clash over the ownership of a piece of wasteland. S13 Ep3

16 35-17 35Tenable
The quiz show all about Top 10 lists. A team of five family members attempt to top the Tenable Tower and win a big cash prize. Hosted by Warwick Davis. S4 Ep12

17 35-18 30Tipping Point: Lucky Stars
Ben Shephard finds out if Bruno Tonioli, Catherine Tyldesley or Zoe Williams have what it takes to beat the extraordinary machine and win thousands of pounds for charity. S5 Ep5

18 30-18 50ITV Evening News
National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world as well as the latest major sports results.

18 50-19 00ITV News London
The latest news and weather from London and the South East.

19 00-20 00New: The Family Chase
One Chaser is all that stands between the Walmsley family from Leyland and thousands of pounds to take home to spend as they like. Bradley Walsh hosts. S2 Ep11

20 00-21 00New: The Good Karma Hospital
AJ returns to the hospital keen to impress. Aisha and Lydia come to blows managing Jyoti's case. Greg discovers a shocking secret that Tommy has been hiding. S3 Ep4

21 00-22 00New: Belgravia
John appeals to members of the Trenchard's staff for assistance in his bid to uncover the truth about Charles. Turton and Ellis become adept at deceit and spying. S1 Ep4

22 00-22 15ITV News
National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world.

22 15-23 10New: Olivier Awards: The..
...Greatest Moments. Host Jason Manford takes a look back at the stand out moments of the biggest night in British theatre.

23 10-23 40Secrets of the Driving Test
36-year-old Drew is desperate to pass, if only to stop the arguments with partner Karl who's been teaching him to drive. And will it be 12th time lucky for Shaunna? S1 Ep1

23 40-00 30The Trouble with Maggie Cole
The previous night's revelations have devastated Maggie and in desperate need of some time alone she heads to the local pub to see if she can get a room for the night. S1 Ep5

00 30-03 00Ideal World
Join Ideal World on ITV for some of the best offers and products on TV. To see more go to

03 00-03 25Australian Wilderness with...
...Ray Mears. Walpole Forest: Ray Mears travels to the Walpole Forest in southwest Australia to meet the quokka, one of the world's oldest marsupials. S1 Ep7

03 25-05 05ITV Nightscreen
Text-based information service.

05 05-06 00Judge Rinder
Cheryl is in court to claim back the money owed on loans she made to her niece's former partner. Lynne hopes to claim back money owed on loans she made to her daughter. [SL] S5 Ep5

06 00-09 00Good Morning Britain
Breakfast show featuring the latest news, sport and weather.