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TV Listings for DISNEY on Friday (24.01.2020)

06 00-06 28Liv and Maddie
Joey is invited to the hottest comedy club in Los Angeles, but is too young to get in! S4 E14

06 28-07 00Liv and Maddie
When exciting opportunities arise for each of the Rooney kids, their summer plans are suddenly thrown into jeopardy. S4 E15

07 00-07 32Liv and Maddie
Maddie is sure that Liv has come back to ruin her life when she confides in her about Diggie, a boy she likes, and then is horrified when Liv asks him out pretending to be her. S1 E1

07 32-08 00Liv and Maddie
Maddie becomes captain of the school basketball team just as its funding is cut. She tries to get support for the team by being a strong leader but it backfires. S1 E2

08 00-08 32Liv and Maddie
Liv's pro skater boyfriend arrives for a contest she's due to judge. Before he realises Liv's a judge he dumps her then tries to get her back. The girls plan their revenge. S1 E3

08 32-09 00Jessie
It's Halloween and the kids are scared history might repeat itself when the doorman tells them about a nanny who harmed her charges. Jessie and Tony try to gatecrash a party. S2 E2

09 00-09 32Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug...
Ice-cream maker Andre is akumatized by Hawk Moth. As Glaciator he turns people into ice cream, which starts to melt! S2 E3

09 32-10 00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug...
...Cat Noir: Despair Bear: Chloe's butler gets akumatized and as Despair Bear he is determined to get revenge on Chloe for humiliating him. S2 E4

10 00-10 32Coop & Cami Ask The World
Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry? Dakota Lotus Ruby Rose Turner star as brother and sister Cooper and Cameron who make decisions based on Cooper's online followers' opinions. S1 E11

10 32-11 00Coop & Cami Ask The World
Would You Wrather Be Orange? Cooper and Fred try to decode text messages from Peyton in the hopes of figuring out if she still likes Cooper. Cami is upset with Principal Walker. S1 E10

11 00-11 32Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Ladybug's grandfather is transformed into Bakerix and he wants to destroy everything he thinks is too modern to restore the Paris he once knew. S3 E3

11 32-12 00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Ladybug and Cat Noir confront a friend of Master Fu.Transformed into Backwarder, she wants to catch up on wasted time by stealing other people's time.. S3 E4

12 00-12 32Stuck In The Middle
Stuck in a Mysterious Robbery: The Bait and Bite has been robbed. The kids try to identify why it happened, and learn Harley was to blame. Can they find the culprits? S3 E9

12 32-13 00Stuck In The Middle
Stuck in a Besties Battle: Suzy and Tom are away. Harley is delegated to make Abuela's visit smooth, but she and Ethan fall out over Aidan, and fight in front of Abuela. S3 E10

13 00-13 32Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Copycat: When a disgruntled sculptor who is in love with Ladybug is targeted by Hawk Moth, he is transformed into Copycat, a perfect double of Cat Noir. S1 E3

13 32-14 00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Marinette is looking after Alex's watch when it gets broken. Akuma evilises Alex so she becomes Timebreaker, and can freeze everyone in time so she can get the watch back. S1 E4

14 00-14 32Bunk'd
Griff is in the House: The Ross Kids return to camp for the summer and are surprised by some changes - Ravi has a new bunk mate and Woodchuck cabin has a new counsellor. S2 E1

14 32-15 00Bunk'd
Dance in my Pants: Camp Kikiwaka hosts its annual dance. Tiffany and Zuri hope to dance with a cute boy. Meanwhile Emma learns about some of the history between Lou and Xander. S2 E2

15 00-15 32Liv and Maddie
Maddie and Karen have a mother/daughter weekend without Liv, who talks TV mum Bree into pretending she's her mum so she can go too. Living rough is harder than they thought. S1 E15

15 32-16 00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Ladybug and Cat Noir confront Timetagger, a super-villain coming from the future to seize their Miraculouses. Paris' fate is in their hands! S3 E19

16 00-16 31Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Because of a misunderstanding, a fan of Adrien's gets akumatized into Party Crasher. Convinced that his star has made a fool of him, he is determined to get revenge. S3 E20

16 31-17 00K.C. Undercover
When Mrs. Goldfeder's house is robbed, K.C. persuades her dad to lead a Neighbourhood Watch group. Judy gets top group Pentatonix to deliver a message to Petey. S1 E22

17 00-17 32K.C. Undercover
KC and Ernie can't stop fighting. Craig and Kira are sick of it. To help them learn to work together they're sent on a mission and end up trapped in a bank vault. S1 E26

17 32-18 00New: Gabby Duran & The Unsittables
Gabby treats Sky to the most epic teen sleepover ever - that is, until Sky's dad shows up! S1 E9

18 00-18 05Zombies Recap
Missed the first Zombies movie? Don't worry we have the perfect catch up for you. Watch the main events of the first movie and get ready for Zombies 2 on Disney Channel!

18 05-19 50Kim Possible
Teen hero Kim Possible and her best friend Ron Stoppable embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains.

19 50-20 22Gabby Duran & The Unsittables
Gabby treats Sky to the most epic teen sleepover ever - that is, until Sky's dad shows up! S1 E9

20 22-20 50Jessie
No Money, Mo' Problems: Jessie and Brookes' relationship is blossoming but his mother disapproves of their relationship. Tony realises he still has feelings for Jessie, but is it too late? S3 E24

20 50-21 22Jessie
Brooks proposes to Jessie, but she can't decide whether to accept, as she doesn't know if the kids like him. Can Brooks win the kids over and gain her hand? S3 E25

21 22-21 50Jessie
Brooks gets a job in Africa. Jessie wants to go with him, so they must move their wedding date. Jessie is sad to leave the kids and her career behind. What will she do? S3 E26

21 50-22 00Audrey's Royal Return:...
...A Descendants Story: Look who's back! Audrey's been waiting out all the Auradon drama at her favorite spa, but she's ready to spill the beans on the VKs.

22 00-22 31Disney The Lodge
Skye and company head to the island, Solus in search of their next clue, while Sean is left back at the Lodge wishing he was there with them. S2 E10

22 31-23 00Disney The Lodge
Skye discovers she's won an award and that winning comes at a price, while Ben and Danielle face up to what happened on the island. S2 E11

23 00-23 29Penny On M.A.R.S
Trying not to hurt Camilla, Penny tells Sebastian they aren't meant to be together. Penny apologizes to Camilla but can't reveal how she first met Sebastian. S1 E11

23 29-23 57Penny On M.A.R.S
Lucy sneaks into Penny's room and finds a photo of Bakia. The teachers discover that Sebastian lives in M.A.R.S.' dorms without authorization. S1 E12

23 57-00 23The Evermoor Chronicles
Tara accidentally ripped the tapestry when she rescued Bella. Now a trainee Everine from the 17th century who has a nasty disease, has escaped S1 E6

00 23-00 48The Evermoor Chronicles
It's the Night of the Stench, when the bog turns against the village. Tara asks the tapestry what her future holds, and is horrified what she learns S1 E7

00 48-01 12Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Nino is angry with Adrien's father and Hawk Moth uses that anger to turn him into The Bubbler, who makes adults disappear. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir escape? S1 E2

01 12-01 36Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Copycat: When a disgruntled sculptor who is in love with Ladybug is targeted by Hawk Moth, he is transformed into Copycat, a perfect double of Cat Noir. S1 E3

01 36-01 59Disney The Lodge
Skye needs a partner for a new biking event, the Enduro. Kaylee and Frankie record their song and Ben has a difficult decision to make. S2 E4

01 59-02 22Disney The Lodge
Skye and her friends try and find the owner of a mysterious phone. A face from the past returns to the lodge. S2 E5

02 22-02 46Penny On M.A.R.S
Camilla learns how Penny and Sebastian first met. Penny and Sebastian talk and kiss. Penny's singing exam is a success so she'll be able to audition for the big concert. S1 E15

02 46-03 33Violetta
Ludmila is angry when she finds out the eliminated contestants will be selecting the finalists. She also wants to find out who booby-trapped her locker and soaked her with water. S1 E66

03 33-03 56Sadie Sparks
A mystery is spreading through Harmony as people are having their intelligence drained. A bad magical training session affects Sadie's confidence. S1 E25

03 56-04 20Best Bugs Forever
The Mayor's daughter takes his place while he's in Waspital. Eddie can't believe a mantis fancies Louie instead of him. S1 E3

04 20-04 43Elena Of Avalor
Elena learns she has the ability to see ghosts and helps the spirit of an elderly woman mend the rift between her grandchildren and save the family restaurant. S1 E9

04 43-05 09101 Dalmatian Street
Hunter and Dylan become friends when they discover a common love for outer space! S1 E14

05 09-05 32Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Is Cat Noir about to learn that Marinette is Ladybug? And what will happen when her father is akumatized into Weredad? S3 E6

05 32-06 00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat
Ladybug and Cat Noir challenge Luka, who is akumatized into Silencer. S3 E7

06 00-06 29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Rogercop: Sabrina's police officer dad is akumatized. Now Rogercop, he establishes authoritarian rule in Paris. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir prove they're the real righters of wrongs? S1 E9