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TV Listings for DAVE on Monday (06.07.2020)

06 00-07 10Teleshopping
Shopping from Home.

07 10-07 35Brojects
More man-tastic DIY projects. Inspired by the swim-up bars at Caribbean resorts, brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles set out to construct one of their own. S2 Ep2

07 35-08 00Brojects
DIY aces Andrew and Kevin Buckles re-imagine the game of golf as they design a course that floats on their lake. There's surely no avoiding the water hazard! S2 Ep3

08 00-09 00American Pickers
In Detroit, Frank takes a big risk. Meanwhile, Mike acquires a Purple Heart. S11 Ep13

09 00-09 30Storage Hunters
More auction mayhem! The 'younger, trendier' versions of Brandon and Lori rub their elders up the wrong way. The gang bid on some knock-off Hollywood costumes. S3 Ep6

09 30-10 00Storage Hunters
Fiery US reality series. Papa Bear bids on two mysterious bins from Brazil. Brandon and Lori are flummoxed by a 3D printer, but are delighted with the valuation. S3 Ep7

10 00-11 00American Pickers
Mike and Frank pick New York City for the first time, beginning with a sprawling computer store. S11 Ep14

11 00-12 00American Pickers
Reality series following a team of antiques pickers. The guys are stunned by a house with storefronts that appear frozen in time. S11 Ep15

12 00-12 30Modern Wheels or Classic Steals
Paul is a family man with a £10k budget. Can Rebecca tempt him with a modern BMW? Perhaps Elo's classic Mercedes-Benz is what the man needs? S1 Ep11

12 30-13 00Modern Wheels or Classic Steals
Bik has just retired...should his next car be a retirement present to himself? Or a practical family car to cater for his four tall children? S1 Ep12

13 00-14 00Top Gear
The lads face a trucking nightmare as they try to become HGV drivers. Jeremy also tries out a scary Porsche 911, while Michael Parkinson is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. S12 Ep1

14 00-15 00Expedition with Steve Backshall
Lost World: The naturalist visits uncharted territory in pursuit of new discoveries. He takes on physical challenges and encounters extraordinary wildlife. S1 Ep1

15 00-16 00Rick Stein's Long Weekends
Rick Stein embarks on a series of culinary long weekends in search of food excellence and brilliant recipes. He begins his adventures in autumnal Bordeaux. S1 Ep1 New.

16 00-17 00Top Gear
High-octane hi-jinks with Clarkson and the team. Jeremy, Richard and James take three muscle cars on an epic US road trip. Will Young is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. S12 Ep2

17 00-18 00Top Gear
Motoring madness with the regular trio. James learns why the Finns are such good racing drivers, Richard tests the outlandish Veritas sports car and movie star Mark Wahlberg guests. S12 Ep3

18 00-19 00Taskmaster
Jo Brand shows cowboys how to cowboy, Katy Wix tortures Alex Horne with the help of a garden arch and Rose Matafeo asks a stranger if they have a library card. S9 Ep5

19 00-19 40New: Richard Osman's House of...
...Games. Richard Osman hosts as guests test their general knowledge skills. S2 Ep46

19 40-20 20QI
Stephen Fry listens out for compelling facts as Alan Davies, Anneka Rice, Sean Lock and Bill Bailey beaver away to impress him on bulges, bacteria and the Pope's Friday meal. S2 Ep6

20 20-21 00QI
One-man-industry Stephen Fry hosts the jovial quiz show. Alan Davies, Jo Brand, Sean Lock and Rich Hall answer some shockingly difficult questions about electricity. S5 Ep2

21 00-22 00Live at the Apollo
Sindhu Vee introduces Alex Edelman and Lou Sanders to the stage. S15 Ep2 New.

22 00-22 40QI
Stephen Fry asks a range of unusual questions about journeys, and Rob Brydon, Phill Jupitus, Cal Wilson and Alan Davies try to come up with interesting answers. S10 Ep3 New.

22 40-23 20QI
Stephen Fry poses questions about people whose names begin with `J' to Katy Brand, Sue Perkins, David Mitchell and Alan Davies. S10 Ep4 New.

23 20-00 20Taskmaster
Jo Brand demonstrates an impressive grasp of street slang, Katy Wix uses a long part of her body to steal something and David Baddiel takes a sledgehammer to a problem. S9 Ep6

00 20-01 00Mock the Week
Dara O Briain presents a special edition of the topical quiz featuring previously unseen material, highlights and outtakes. Star satirists include Micky Flanagan and Chris Addison. S10 Ep6

01 00-01 40QI
Brainbox Stephen Fry hosts the classy quiz in which contestants are rewarded more if their answers are quite interesting. With Alan Davies, Jo Brand, Bill Bailey and Sean Lock. S2 Ep2

01 40-02 25QI
Stephen Fry listens out for compelling facts as Alan Davies, Anneka Rice, Sean Lock and Bill Bailey beaver away to impress him on bulges, bacteria and the Pope's Friday meal. S2 Ep6

02 25-03 15Live at the Apollo
Sindhu Vee introduces Alex Edelman and Lou Sanders to the stage. S15 Ep2

03 15-04 00Josh
Sitcom about three flatmates and their landlord. At a university reunion, Josh meets Abby, a therapist who is convinced that Josh is infatuated with her. S2 Ep6

04 00-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from Home.

06 00-07 10Teleshopping
Shopping from Home.